Best Dating Apps to Find Yourself a Date This NYE

Spicing up this NYE with a date? Or maybe you’re looking for a quick drink before the countdown? 👀 Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered 😘. Here are the dating apps we’ve been loving this year:


Gals, you hold alllll the power with this one 😈. On Bumble, the girls start the conversation first to level the playing field and challenge outdated heterosexual norms. Say bye-bye to messages from creepy dudes 👋. Don’t worry LGBTQ+ gang, this isn’t just for the hetero’s - either person can message first if you match with the same sex 🌈.

We know you’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man… BUT, if you fancy one, you have them in the palm of your hand from the get go 😏.


Hinge is the perfect app if you’re looking for more than just a hookup 💁. They call themselves “the dating app designed to be deleted” as their purpose is to help people find love 💖. So if you’re after something long-term in 2022, this is a great place to start!

Looking for something a little more casual? You can try your hand with Hinge, but we’d suggest an app like…


Thursday is all about celebrating being single, and we absolutely love that 👏. There’s no shame in playing the field, but this app adds a little bit of spice by only allowing users into the app on - you guessed it - a Thursday! Think of it as digital speed dating 📱. With Thursday, you’ve gotta be on the ball and be prepared to chat and organise a date before Friday arrives. It’s fast-paced and super fun if you’re feeling spontaneous 🤩.

Whether you’re after some casual fun or a bit more conversation, Thursday is perfect for anyone up for getting straight to the point. Get your dates in for the 30th, gals 💃😏. (The app is currently only available in London and New York, so keep your eye out to see if your city will be next 👀.)

The Sauce

Say Hello to the TikTok of dating 👋. Photos are a thing of the past 📸. The Sauce does things differently by asking users to upload videos of themselves so you can see what they REALLY look and act like. There’s no room for catfishing here 😼. This app aims for people to feel like they’ve already met, which is great for those of you who feel a little awks on first date (it do be like that sometimes 😬).

Start perfecting your videography skills in prep for NYE so you can woo(woo) your date before you meet 🤭.

Jungle Dating

For all the single gal pals, Jungle is THE app for double dating 👯. Dating alone can be awkward and uncomfortable if you thrive in a group, so rope in your bestie and have a good time together instead! At the end of the day, if it’s not for you, at least you’ve made some mems 💁.

Psst… The first 80,000 users get to sign-up for free 👀, so if this is something that tickles your pickle we suggest you make your way on over to the app store now! Go, go, goooo 🏃‍♀️.

Not a fan of dating apps?

It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay! Here are a few tips on how to get your flirt on in the flesh:

  1. Make eye contact. Doing this makes you look more confident and in control, even if you’re still a little nervous and faking it until you make it (this is the only time we’ll allow faking it, girls 🙅).
  2. Pay attention and ask questions. Engaging conversation is sexy, you know 😏.
  3. Use your smile. We know it’s beaut, so dazzle them! This is a great way to let them know you’re enjoying their company.
  4. Add a bit of touch. Now, don’t all of a sudden grab them or invade their personal space - that’s a hard no 🙅 - but a suggestive little touch of the hand, or arm while you’re laughing at something they said will let them know you’re having a good time.
  5. The final and most important tip of them all. Be yourself, enjoy the process and don’t take it too seriously 😘.

Now go out and do us proud! 😜 But don’t forget to be safe! Miss Vid is still out and about, so be sensible and do a lateral flow before you meet anyone 💜.

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