Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Stuck for Valentine’s inspo? 💭 Whether you’re taking time for yourself, hanging out with the girls or have a hot date, we’ve got you covered.

Flying solo 😘

V-Day doesn’t just have to be for couples. You should be giving yourself some self-love every day of the year, but Valentine’s is a great opportunity to make things a little more special. So here are a few tips to indulge on February the 14th (you deserve it)…

Treat yo’ self! No matter your interests, it’s always rewarding to treat yourself once in a while to something fancy 💝. We may be biased, but we’d recommend taking a look at our Dolphin Smooth Set!

Order your favourite food. As much as we support taking yourself on a date, let’s avoid public PDA as much as possible and eat in instead. What do you fancy? Sushi? Pizza? Both? 👀

Get your self-care on. Submerge yourself into a hot bath with alllll the bubbles, whack a facemask on and relax 💆. Ugh, we’re jealous already. Use our Tame It! Hair Removal Cream to de-fur (if you fancy it) and then slather yourself in our Saddle Sore Balm which is perfect post hair removal! Put clean bedsheets on for that ‘smooth-skin-on-clean-sheets’ feeling… Girls that get it, get it, and girl’s that don’t, don’t 💅.

Let’s get intimate. You couldn’t find a more perfect day for some self-care down there. Get comfortable, grab your fave toy and our Slide It! Lube, and enjoy yourself! You could even use some of our Hemp Bliss Oil to boost your arousal 💦.

Gals night in 💅

Get together with your gal pals for a Galentine’s sleepover! 💕👯

Get the party started. Snacks are obvs a must. It’s not a sleepover unless you’ve eaten your weight in crisps and dip.

Cocktail competition. We’re sure you’ve seen this trend on TikTok. Everyone must choose a cocktail to create, and one by one you must make your chosen drink and rate it on a scale of 1-10 based on different factors. Check it out here for more info!

Netflix and chill… literally. It’s time to fight over the remote and spend 2 hours choosing a film to watch. Make sure to stay away from romcoms though 😑.

Let’s get cosy. Secure yourself some cute pj’s and fluffy socks for the ultimate comfort 💆. We’d recommend checking out Boux Avenue who have a gorg selection of pj’s. Whether you’re after super soft loungewear or something silky to slip into, you’re guaranteed to look the part for your girls night in!

Give the gift of WooWoo. Treat your gals to our self-care bundles! 👏 Our Girls Come First Set has everything your besties need for some self-lovin’.

Hot date alert 😏

Secured yourself a date for tonight? Stuck for things to do? We got you, boo 💋.

The classic. Dinner and drinks are a go-to. If you’re feeling something classy, a nice restaurant and wine bar is a lovely V-Day option for you and a partner. Wine, dine and have a WooWoo ready for after 👀.

Cosy night in. Not feeling all the PDA? Curl up on the sofa with a bottle of your choosing and order some food in. This is much more convenient for when things start to get a little hot and heavy too 😉. Something tells us our wipes will be super handy…

Dreams Come Woo. The essential set you’ll need for before AND after your Valentine’s session 👀. Use Tame It! to make your skin silky smooth (or keep it natural gals - you do you!). Follow with our Cranberry Cleanse to keep your pH on point down there before and after you get it on. Finish with Saddle Sore if you’ve had a bit of a rough ride 😏.

Keep us in the loop about what product is your V-Day saviour by leaving us a review. We love hearing your stories!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love WooWoo x


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