To Date Or Not To Date

Ask Those Burning Questions

Sex, religion, money and politics. The things you were told not to discuss at the dinner table and especially not on a first date. Except maybe you should. These days it’s harder and harder to know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to dating.  Are they looking for love? Will they actually call you tomorrow? Do they have a big dick? There may be certain things you want to find out before you end up three or four dates down the line and find out his mum still does his laundry, or he pours the milk in his tea first (instant deal breaker).
It’s hard to instantly gauge how suitable you are for each other, particularly if you’ve met through a dating app as many of us now do. So how do you save yourself the time, drama and emotion and find out if you’re both after the same thing? And how do you find out without being classically British and engaging in a dance of non-verbal communication, cryptic texts and not saying what you really think.
We asked our friends across the pond how they deal with these situations. New Yorkers tend to get things cleared up on date number one so both parties know how long it will last. Is it non-exclusive? Is this just sex? Have you got a foot fetish? New Yorkers treat first dates like a business transaction; they are informed and ready to speak about a variety of subjects – including the taboos.
If we were to be totally up front on a first date would we be more successful in getting what we want, whether that’s a Prince Charming or a last-minute date for a cousin’s wedding? So how can we adequately vet our future lovers or partners without putting our feelings on the line like our fellow New Yorkers?
Perhaps dating forms are the answer? Not exactly an application form – just a simple ‘this is what I want’ written down for both parties to see. An exchange of information before a date to determine whether things should progress any further. We’ll admit its pretty formal and definitely a bit far fetched but you can’t deny you wouldn’t benefit from it!

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