How can being single benefit you?!

In addition to getting better sleep, studies have found that people exercise more when they're single and take better care of themselves. Of course people still do these things in a relationship but being single gives you a chance to prioritize them.. 

Approaching Valentines Day, quite a few of my friends have made comments such as “eh can’t believe i'm single again this year”, “i’m not going near social media on valentines day” and with this being my first fully single Valentines Day in 6 years, I was confused why they were so pessimistic. There is something so empowering about being single and looking after yourself. 

See below a few facts about being single and what this can do for you!

You get better sleep 

Apart from having the WHOLE bed to yourself and be able to stretch out, starfish, roll around and do whatever you want in bed. It is actually statistically known that single people actually get better sleep than those who are living with a partner and/or in a relationship. According to a survey, not having someone else in bed with you allows you to sleep better - you can sleep peacefully without having to worry about someone else's snoring or waking you up. Taking a bubble bath with our Cranberry Cleanse also calls for a blissful night’s sleep. 

You’re more likely to build stronger relationships elsewhere

Have you ever heard of the “newlywed effect” well.. It’s pretty similar to the “honeymoon phase” which shows a tendency to stray away from friendships in favour to spend more time with your partner.. Its very easily to let friendships fizzle throughout the years if those in relationships stay in the habit of neglecting friendships. 

Psychology Today, shows that single people are better at nurturing and developing friendships and familial relationships. Single or not, taking care of all your relationships is important, but I have definitely noticed I have deepened friendships since I have been single, which has taught me a lot.

You’re more socially and politically conscious

Being socially conscious and politically aware is extremely important, more so in our current climate. According to a 2006 study, single women are more likely to get involved in political events, petitions and raise money for charity more than those in relationships. It’s also recorded that single women are more likely to live more sustainable lifestyles! 

So, regardless whether you’re happy or slightly annoyed you’re independent of this Valentines..

Single women, we stay winning!!


By Millie Shields, @milliegshields

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