Cleanse It! pH balanced wash duo

Cleanse It! pH balanced wash duo

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Our washes & wipes range won Gold in the Global Green Beauty Awards for best Aloe Vera Product! Get both cleanses and save yourself 10%.

You'll get: 

1x pH-balanced Cranberry Cleanse wash

1x pH-balanced Chamomile Cleanse wash

These award-winners have been recognised for being super gentle, featuring soothing Aloe Vera, formulated to leave you feeling refreshed and not irritated. Perfect for all-over use, and most importantly for care down there. Ditch the harsh shower gels and replace them with our Cleanse range.

Their multi-use so you get more bang for your buck! Add a few drops to make a dreamy bubble bath & when you fancy a quick tidy up, lather up for a pH-balanced shaving gel (otherwise use our hair removal cream and ditch the razor rash). 


"I honestly can't begin to thank WooWoo for this product, I suffer from interstitial cystitis and this wash has literally saved my life. Cystitis is one of the most irritating things to ever grace this earth and I actually wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. Using this every day has made me less anxious and more confident. Amazing!” - Cranberry Cleanse review.

"’ve always loved cranberry cleanse, and didn’t think Chamomile cleanse would come close… based on how much I raves about Cranberry! However, much to my surprise, I absolutely adore it. I love how a little goes a long way - just use a splodge and rub together for extra bubbles (great for shaving). Great value for money (even my boyfriend steals it as a shower gel as the smell is so good). 😂" - Chamomile Cleanse review.