Based on WooWoo research that 2 in 5 women have lied about their number of sexual partners, Megan chats about the stigma that women face when speaking and being open about sex. She chats Wes, Love Island and crushed velvet too! Watch video here.


Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson takes the plunge in a tuxedo mini-dress as she and Wes Nelson share a smooch at Woo Woo party. Read more.



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New range of products

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Pubic Hair Trends

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How To Look After Your Vagina

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Megan and Wes put on a public display of affection as they partied in London on Wednesday at the launch of Woo Woo. Read more.


WooWoo Survey

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New British Brand

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Wax or shave?

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WooWoo Survey

60% of the women polled wanted ‘better’ sex than they are currently experiencing. Read more.


WooWoo Survey

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WooWoo Survey

The ideal length of a sex session, according to the survey, is 32 minutes. Read more.