Friends With Benefits

Fancy being friends with benefits?
We want to reward our loyal WooWoo’ers!
If you’re sharing the love, we want to make sure you’re feelin’ the love too! The WooWoo Friends with Benefits Scheme rewards you every time your followers shop at WooWoo. So, join our program today and start earning 10% commission from each sale.  
You’re just our type.  
Love posting your self-care essentials to your Instagram and sharing your passion for all things female empowerment? Then we think you’d be a perfect fit for our scheme! Are you a blogger / vlogger / influencer who loves letting your followers know about the products and brands on your hot list? All you have to do is sign up here and start earning today!  
Why WooWoo?
WooWoo is an all-natural range of fun and unashamed pre, during and post-play products dedicated to helping women feel more sexually self-confident. Join us in giving the finger to the female sexuality taboo! We want to start conversations that encourage us to love, look after and value our vulvas.  
We’d love you to join our Affiliate Scheme and carry on the conversation with your followers too… #PowerToTheWooWoo #FriendsWithBenefits
We want to build relationships with our WooWoo babes, so if you need anything from us, just give us a shout! Contact if you have any questions.