Lucy's mantra has always been 'it needs to be fun' - from the products, to the communications and of course, the team. The core team are five women who boss it all day from couches, cafes and coworking spaces (a la Carrie Bradshaw). Believe it or not the team have only ever all been in the same room on one occasion. A mix of singles, mothers, glam girls and meme queens (a modern day Sporty, Baby, Posh, Ginger and Scary) means WooWoo covers all bases and gets the tone right. Talking about sex educationally doesn't have to be serious. Funny oversharing (think older big sis vibes) really helps women open up about taboo topics like sex. WooWoo's virtual office (if they had a real one it would be neon) is powered by google drive, Zoom and whatsapp. Between Lucy drumming up new business, staying on top of accounts, our PR girls finding press opportunities, and social girl creating a cult following fan club and our designer keeping the brand on fleek and the visuals poppin' the team hustles hard (even if it is from the couch sometimes).

A day in the life of our Founder

A day in the life of our PR Manager

A day in the life of our digital marketing manager

A day in the life of our influencer manager

A day in the life of our customer services angel

A day in the life of our Designer