Saying Hello To Subscription

Name a better feeling than receiving a box of goods, filled with your favourite items, every month? Okay, there can be better feelings (i.e. lying on the bed for 43 minutes after you shower, getting inside and making a cuppa after a long walk in the cold, receiving a sext from bae), but you get the picture. As lockdown restrictions continue all over the world, some of our favourite pastimes have been restricted, so life, right now, is all about finding the fun in the everyday.
We thought we’d compile a list of delicious treats that you can get delivered to your door in subscription form. If you love coffee, wine, plants, and more, then continue reading this blog as you may find yourself buying a subscription to a box of happiness. 

Missing your pre-lockdown beverages? You can still have delicious options at home. Do your own wine tasting at home!

Savage Vines

If you love the sound of getting wines from independent family run vineyards, all over the world, delivered directly to your door every month, you will enjoy the Savage Vines offering. For £29.95 per month, you can get 2 bottles of wine (you choose red or white), plus a wine map showing you where they’re from and a podcast talking you through each wine - what a weekend treat! You also get a 25% reduction on all repurchases on wines you loved that month.


Naked Wines

Become a Naked Wine 'angels' by putting £20 (or more if you want) into your wine account each month and spending on your next batch of bottles whenever you're ready. This enables Naked to have relationships with emerging vineyards and as a result, the winemakers produce special vintages exclusively for Naked subscribers. You also get a free bottle every month when you order a case.

Wanderlust Wine Club

 Wanderlust specialises in biodynamic and unusual wines from lesser-known producers. A Silver membership will get you six bottles a month while a Gold means you will receive 12. There is also a Platinum level which offers 12 unique fine wines, while additional perks include 15% off wines bought from the online shop and free tickets to tasting events.  


Instead of buying your daily Starbucks frappuccino (although, they are delicious), why not support some small businesses, and taste coffee beans from all over the world? 


With Mec Coffee, choose from the Adventures subscription or The Staples subscription. If you’re adventurous with your coffee and your The Adventures option (£26.00) is all about discovering new and exciting coffees, get two different 250g bags of coffee that we think are exceptionally delicious from two roasters that we love. We’ll send them either as whole beans or ground to your specifications. Every month we’ll send you two 250g bags of a tasty single origin coffee, either as whole beans or ground to your specifications. The Staples subscription (£17.50) allows you to always have something consistent and delicious on hand. Always ethically sourced, specialty coffee!


Join the Lufkin Coffee subscription and you’ll get two delicious coffee sachets each month, in either whole beans or ground (your choice). Enjoy artisan coffee in the comfort of your own home - perfection. 

Barry’s Cactus Club

Love a low maintenance plant? AKA, one that you have little chance of turning to dust after a few weeks? A cactus may be just the thing to brighten up your work desk or living area! With a Barry’s Cactus Club subscription, you receive a mini cactus or succulent (oh ma gad), to add to your collection, as well as a pretty pot and a collector’s card with facts and care instructions. Plus, with your first delivery they throw in some cute extras! For £15 p/m we think this is just lovely. 

Bloombox Club 

Get unique medium and large sized plants delivered to your front door. Not only do you get a beautiful plant, you also receive a perfectly-fitting pot to house your new plant baby, and special gifts every other month for £39!

If you have some extra time on your hands, and fancy boosting those endorphins, (solo or partnered), a pleasure subscription box may just float your boat.


“Select a starter, advanced or deluxe box. Either way, it's going to be filled to the brim with goodies good enough to fog up your windows, so you do you 😎” - we approve. For just £25 you get 3-5 products delivered to you bi-monthly; including a compact exclusive toy, empowering art and a selection of mood-setting essentials. The advanced box is £45 with a full-sized toy, and the deluxe box is £70 which includes a compact and full-sized! 

The Sway

Another bi-monthly pleasure box? Yup. The Sway’s bi-monthly pleasure package subscription is described as a hassle-free way to keep your sex life on its toes. “Think of it as a gym membership, for your relationship – with carefully curated themed boxes of products and prompts arriving every other month”. SOLD.

WhoGivesACrap - subscription toilet paper

100% recycled toilet paper that is good for you, and good for the world? With fun packaging (choose from bright or monochrome), and funny snippets on each toilet roll, we’re here for it. Buy 24 rolls for £24, and save £5 off with your subscription. We all know how annoying it is when we’re running low and have to run over the shop, so with a subscription, know that you’re fully stocked, always. They also donate 50% of profits to help build toilets, having donated £4.5 million to help provide sanitation for people in need.

Subscription period care

Fabulous brands like TOTM, Ohne and Daye are pioneering the period-care subscription model. For organic period products that cut the plastic, and are delivered to meet your needs each month, we think this is a great alternative to a last-minute supermarket dash. Follow @baeboxx_ on Instagram for the cutest period subscription box, filled with the likes of sweet treats, pamper products and pads or tampons (that also donates a proportion of sales to end period poverty!).

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