You Do Woo

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Enjoy taking pictures of your beauty hauls and skincare faves? Are you a TikTok lover with a passion for thinking outside the box? Do you fancy winning some cash and being featured on our social pages to our 20,000 followers?! Say hello to our #YouDoWoo campaign! 

Grab your phone / camera (whichever floats your boat) and submit your fabulous #YouDoWoo content.
Each month, we’ll be choosing our top two #YouDoWoo entries to win: 
£100 in cash & a free WooWoo haul!

How it works

  1. Choose your favourite WooWoo product / product(s) that you’d like to create content with. Maybe you love our Tame It! Hair Removal cream and show us how you get legs as smooth as a dolphin. Perhaps you choose our Cranberry Cleanse for a cute texture reel; showing us the gloopy goodness, and setting the scene with some candles and bubbles… you do you!
  2. Be creative! Think TikTok / Instagram Reels / lifestyle shots and flatlays! We’re, so what matters to us is that you’re having fun with our range… we made it for you, after all!
  3. Make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #YouDoWoo to let us know that you’ve entered.
  4. At the end of the month, we’ll choose x2 winners to win £100 in cash and a free WooWoo haul to restock on your favourite self-care products!

What we’re looking for

Flat Lay / lifestyle shots
Fun TikTok & Reel videos
You, with our product! Yaaas honey, we want to see you.
High quality imagery