Our Sexual Health Campaign

The Worship Your WooWoo campaign is a new initiative that aims to build awareness of the importance of self-care and address the sex and sexual health questions of the nation. The campaign will kick start with a number of meet and greets with Love Island Finalist and WooWoo brand ambassador Megan Barton Hanson, online consultations with a sexual health adviser and a sexual health debate where Megan will be joined by a number of experts to discuss modern attitudes to sex and sexual health and the challenges faced by young women today. Check back here for more information on how you can get involved and access to a number of resources designed to provide advice and make discussions around sex less embarrassing. 
WooWoo hopes that by running this campaign that we’ll not only raise awareness of the importance of self-care and sexual health but also make it easier for young women to talk more openly if they have any sex or sexual health concerns. We want to start conservations that will help women feel more comfortable talking about their sexual health, less worried about their sexual history and more focused on enhancing their sexual pleasure.

 “I'm Excited To Be Supporting Woo Woo With This Important Campaign. We Need To Really Change Our Approach On Sex Education And Hygiene. That Old British Notion Of 'Well, Let's Not Talk About That' Really Needs To Change. It's Good To See A Brand That's Willing To Take The Lead In This Area And I'm Really Proud To Be Supporting Them In Doing So"

Megan Barton Hansen



Get Involved

If you’re keen to take part in our meet and greets, round table or sexual health adviser chats - let us know!

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