High Leg Bikini Line Hack

Summer is fast approaching and we are SO ready for bikini season AKA to lounge around in the sun with a woowoo (or your beverage of choice!) 🌞. As much as you may be ready to take on the heat, your bikini line may need a little TLC if you’re wanting to remove hair.

So, whether you’re all for being a bald eagle, like to keep it trim or prefer to rock the au naturale look, these intimate care tips will have your woo summer ready in no time! Say see-ya to dry skin, ingrown hairs and razor rashes, girls 👋.

Scrub-a-dub-dub 🛀

Exfoliating is the ultimate first step to achieving a smooth bikini line. It’s also beneficial to those of you who like to keep a hold of your hair down there as it’ll help to get rid of any dry skin and lingering ingrowns.

Our recommendation for exfoliating down below is to use a scrubbing tool rather than a body scrub for more control. A loofah, body brush or exfoliating glove will do a great job. This one in particular is cheap, cheerful and eco-friendly. Or if you’re after something a little more indulgent, this body brush is a lovely alternative!

To get started, grab your tool of choice and exfoliate your woo in gentle, circular motions. Stick to the outside of your vulva, in particular the mons pubis, where the majority of your hair grows. Do not exfoliate the inside of your vulva! We can’t imagine that would be very comfortable for your woo 😰.

If you want to Tame It! 💅

Our bestselling Tame It! Hair Removal Cream is popular for all the best reasons. Razor rashes and ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past once you introduce this beauty hack into your hair removal routine.

To use Tame It!, slather on a thick layer to your bikini line, wait 3-6 minutes and then rinse. Say hello to a dolphin smooth finish and absolutely no lumps or bumps in sight.

“In love with their hair removal cream. I couldn’t believe how quick, easy and good it was. I had definitely left it far too long down there and it got rid of ALL the hair. So impressed and never shaving again” - Anon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

But, what are ingrown hairs?

Simply put, ingrowns are hairs that grow back into the skin. They can be very uncomfortable and cause inflammation, pain and tiny bumps from where the hair has been removed.

If you’re currently using a razor, you may have experienced ingrowns before and know that they are NOT nice to deal with, and that’s why we formulated Tame It!. No one should have to deal with awful ingrowns and razor rashes… talk about partners in crime 🙅.

For when you need a longer lasting solution 🙌

Already rocking a style? We got you. Our wax strips are ideal for tidying up whatever fancy do you’ve got going on. Who wants to pay for a salon visit when you can wax away from the comfort of your own home anyway?

To use our wax strips, check out our step-by-step instructions here.

Don’t forget to use the aloe vera sachets to cool and soothe the area afterwards. Silky smooth skin for up to 28 days? That gets a big yes from us (promise we’re not biased 😉). 

Top tip: In the hotter months, sweating can get in the way; so for the best results, use talc powder to dry up the area before you start waxing.

For that dolphin smooth finish 🐬

Post-hair removal care is the final step to achieving a dolphin smooth finish (and you thought it couldn’t get any better… 😏). Our Saddle Sore Soothing Balm is our saviour in a tube and all round necessity in this heat. This luxurious balm heals and soothes your skin, providing an added loving touch to your bikini line.

Not only can Saddle Sore be used for post-hair removal, it can also be used as an anti-chafing balm. Chafing is the worst, let alone during the Summer; so make sure to put your Saddle Sore to good use and apply it anywhere you tend to chafe. Damage already done? Don’t you worry, girl, with chamomile, rosehip and aloe vera, this balm will soothe your sore skin and you’ll be ready to carry on the Summer festivities 💃.

You do woo 💖

Remember that no matter how you style your woo, you should go out and enjoy the sun with confidence! Whether you want it all off, keep it natural, or somewhere in between, you are your own definition of “Summer ready” 💋.


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