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WooWoo Protect It! Ribs & Dots Condoms x 12


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Product Description

Have your cake and eat it too with ribs and dots at the same time!

Condoms protect you from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. It’s a no brainer!

Get as close to that skin-on-skin feeling as you can, while still staying safe with our extra-thin natural rubber ribs & dots latex condoms. 

12 condoms.



Natural rubber ribs & dots latex condoms.



Condoms cannot guarantee 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. Our condoms are made from natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reactions including anaphlylactic shock. These condoms are non-spermicidally lubricated. If additional lube is needed we recommend our slide It! Arousal Boosting Lube (just avoid oil based lubes).


“Love these condoms after years of not using them because I was on other BC. These are the best, feel amazing”