Our Founder Lucy Anderson

Welcome to Woowoo. I’m Lucy Anderson, Founder and CEO.

A.K.A a woman (with a bag full of condoms) on a mission.

I’m often asked what led me to create Woowoo, the health, self-care and pleasure brand that’s now stocked on the shelves of Superdrug, and part of the Feelunique #feelingmyself range.

I think the short answer is that there was nothing out there that I associated with and wanted to buy and clearly there’s a lot of other women who feel the same way. The long answer is that a few years ago, I found myself SINGLE and back on the dating market after a v.long (7 years too long!) relationship.. haha, I was back and ready to play… or so I thought.

I had a few obstacles to overturn first: was Brazilian waxing still a thing? What is first-date etiquette in the swipe right era? Can I bring my own condoms to the party (or will that mean I’m ‘too ready for it’)? All these things crossed my mind as I stood staring at the products in the ‘feminine care’ aisle. None of the products on offer looked nice or looked like they were going to help me on my mission – nada. Back to the drawing board.

I felt the appearance of these everyday products in-fact exasperated the taboos, and I wasn’t having any of it and I realised the world had changed but the big companies and their lacklustre products hadn’t moved with the times.

It was very clear that women’s sexuality was still a taboo. That’s why there were all these news stories about women being too embarrassed to go for smear tests and the rise in sexually transmitted diseases.. No one was talking openly about this stuff. And so, two years of research began, chatting to loads of other women of all ages to see what they wanted Woowoo to look like, what products they wanted in the range. Late nights fuelled by countless coffee’s (my coffee machine took a real battering), and early mornings running around with a suitcase full of condoms (yep, this happens on the regs) led me to where we are today.

Around every corner we’re met with serious - we’re all about giving the middle finger to societal norms…

I wanted to create a range of products women would be proud to have on-show in their bathroom, ready-to-go on their bedside table, and in their clutch on a night out. Even though our mission is serious one… we want it to be FUN!

Sure, some of our products have been met with controversy, but we’ve made these products down to research and understanding. Issues we face but would rather face alone. But guess what? You’re NOT alone.

We’ve done our research and our products are made by women, for women.

Our range of natural, fun and unapologetic products are for you to use pre, during and post-play. Dedicated to helping you feel your best-self, all our products contain Aloe Vera, are paraben free and as natural as we can get them. Our wipes are made from 100% plant cellulose (no plastic), our product packaging from sugar cane. We test on humans, not animals. We’re working on being 100% vegan too (all our products are, apart from the hair removal cream, but we’re working on it)!

With STI’s in the UK at a shocking all-time high, we want to start conversations that encourage us to love and value our vulvas. And, with a team of people behind me who are equally as passionate, you can be sure to see more from us.

Stay tuned!

Lucy x