We’re most confident when we feel good in our skin, which is why our health, self-care and pleasure range is designed to support you on your journey of feelin’ good in womanhood. We’ve carefully selected clean and natural ingredients that will help you feel ready to tackle the world and any accompanying bullshit - like Beyoncé here. In our range you’ll find soothing and natural oils as well as dermatologically tested, natural ingredients suitable for all over use but most importantly, for intimate use. We only want the best for your most delicate skin. We want you to feel empowered - not only by our unapologetic packaging (femcare should not be shamed), but also by our gentle ingredients list. Lady gardens are precious and deserve to be treated as such. They go through A LOT in this life and we believe every woman deserves to feel like Beyoncé. So sprinkle that self-love around like confetti, and pamper that peach.


We use Chamomile in our Chamomile Intimate Wipes (that just so happen to be pH balanced and biodegradable too!) and our Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm, a firm favourite amongst our customers (hailed a saviour in a tub!).

Chamomile has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and is known for its many health benefits which include calming skin irritation and healing damaged skin.

Aloe Vera

Used in all of our products, Aloe Vera is well-known for its catalogue of benefits.

Aloe Vera contains Vitamin A that speeds up healing, prevents breakouts and supports the skin's immune system. It’s loaded worth Vitamin C that aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties for soothing skin, and promoting skin repair.


Used in our Intimate Lightening Cream (for if you fancy changing your ringtone).

Jojoba oil is a non-greasy texture that is easily absorbed, it has been called the “miracle oil” for softening skin and is beneficial for all skin types. Shea butter has high concentrations of fatty

acids and vitamins, which makes it an ideal skincare ingredient for softening skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using shea butter

on your body can tone and soothe skin.


We use cranberry extract in our Refreshing Intimate Wipes (available in packs of 12 or 20), and our Cranberry Cleanse - a skincare community favourite.

Cranberry is widely recognised for its help in managing nasty UTI’s. Cranberries fight free radicals that can cause wrinkles, and it keeps your skin moisturised. For centuries, cranberries have been valued for the medicinal, antioxidant properties and anti-ageing benefits - which is why we love it. Not to mention it smells gorgeous too!


We use these in our Arousal Boosting Lube to keep things slippin’ and slidin’ (as we say, the wetter the better!) 

Honeysuckle comes with it’s legends of love - in Victorian gardens, it signified happiness and affection and was said to promote a sweet life filled with romance (well, hello lube essential). It’s also know to act as an anti-bacterial, so it can serve as a natural cleanser too, which is great for skin care. It happens to have a super unique benefit: it is an effective natural preservative, which is why it has become the go-to for many organic plant-based skin care brands, thanks to its natural derivation process and non-toxic chemical profile.


We use Rosehip Oil in our Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm to prevent and treat the dreaded chafe.

Rosehip oil is pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant, which is why it is so deliciously good for your skin. Since ancient times, it has been praised for its valuable healing benefits; it is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. The many fatty acids in rosehip oil, make it the ideal choice for hydrating irritated skin. The skin easily absorbs this oil, allowing its powerful antioxidants to travel deep into the skin’s layers.