We’re a team of women who don’t beat around the bush when it comes to intimate care, or as we prefer to call it: care down there. We’re into vaginas ( yes, we use the v word) and we’re into sex (as long as it’s fun, consensual and healthy).

We were unhappy with the way female care products were presented to us. We felt that ‘feminine care’ was lacking a place to be bold and open so we launched our all natural range of fun and fearless care down there products to add a bit of va va voom to the ‘feminine care’ aisle.

Designed to display, we’ve got cleansers, refreshers, soothers and sliders to help you value your vagina and in turn approach sex with high standards for health, pleasure and hygiene. We’re giving the finger to the female sexuality taboo and creating a world where you can proudly love, groom and talk about your vagina.

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