Breathable Silk Face Mask in Pink, Silver or Gold

Breathable Silk Face Mask in Pink, Silver or Gold

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A breathable silk face mask - available in Pink, Silver or Gold! 

Say goodbye to mask-ne with our luxury masks. *This is not a vegan product due to the silk. We took the decision to make silk as it looks like we will be wearing them for a long time, and we wanted a long-lasting, sustainable option.

Silk causes the least friction of any fabric, which prevents skin irritations on the cheeks and nose, clogging pores and creating spots in the process.

Paper Masks end up in the bin... or as litter on our streets. By using a silk mask, you are making a sustainable choice for your face mask usage.


This size is intended for adults.


Hand washing your mask in water is recommended. Alternatively, machine wash on delicate at 30°C. Iron, steam or air dry with low heat.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry

*Please note: Our masks are not medical grade and should not be used by medical professionals or healthcare workers.

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