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You may have noticed we’ve had some exciting announcements recently! We’ve launched our new website where you can now shop our new extended product range. Say hello to girl power condoms, arousal boosting lube and our cranberry wash.
We are also super proud to reveal that our range is now available on Feelunique, the largest online retailer of premium beauty products in Europe and one of the fastest growing e-tailers in the world (go WooWoo!). And, what’s more, we are part of Feelunique’s new #FEELINGMYSELF category, a sex positive self-love category home to pre, during and post play products that can add a bit of spice to your sex life. Basically, a huge yass to the female empowerment movement. The category is split into three, a sexual pleasure section where you can find vibrators and lubricant, a mood section where you find what you need to dim the lights and set the scene for a good ol’ time, and, of course, an intimate care section for all things care down there A.K.A. worshiping your woo woo!
As you know we’re all about making care down there, fun, accessible and normal (we preach it on the daily) so this launch is right up our alley. We’re humbled and proud to be amongst other empowering brands offering fun and fearless products and encouraging women to own, explore and talk about their sexuality. A huge shout out goes to Feelunique for creating such a strong and inspiring category.
Never ones to beat around the bush we were unhappy with the way female care products were presented to women and so WooWoo was born. Founder Lucy Anderson recalls finding herself back on the dating market after two young kids and years in the relationship wilderness. A trip to the feminine hygiene aisle  left her surprised that the world and our nether hairlines had changed a lot but that the big companies and products they offer hadn’t moved with the times. Women’s sexuality was still a taboo, self-care products were apologetic, and waxing still cost a bomb. She set out to give the finger to the female sexuality taboo and add some va-va-voom to the feminine care aisle to encourage women to proudly love, groom and talk about their vaginas.
We’ve done our research to ensure our products are great on the inside as well as the outside. We’re using the latest organic skincare technologies, natural ingredients like aloe, shea butter and fruit actives to deliver high performance products that actively care for your skin. We’re over old traditional, hush hush and medical looking design so our packaging is designed to look beautifully unapologetic and not embarrassing to leave in your handbag, your bedside table or your boyfriend’s shower. Women shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed to buy condoms, vibrators, lube or anything else for that matter! Buying these products just goes to show that you value your sex life and your pleasure - something we are working really hard to normalise to help women boost their sexual self-confidence. So next time it’s time to ride the rodeo and you whip out a WooWoo product just remember that you are supporting us in our mission to put the female sexuality taboo to bed, and for that, we salute you!
So what are you waiting for? Head over to the #FEELINGMYSELF category and have a browse. With over 70 products ranging from sexy scented candles to silk eye masks to moisturising lubricant, you won’t be disappointed. Thank us later!
We love hearing your thoughts so don’t be a stranger and let us know what you think about our new sexual wellness range. Send us an email, slide into the DMs or just have a good old fashioned stalk, we don’t blame you.


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