Weird and Wonderful Things Your Woo Does That Are Totally Normal

All woo’s can look and feel different, but most go through the same weird and wonderful things. Hey, we've all googled a new thing that our vagina has surprised us with. We're making sure you don't get lost in a 2am internet search with this handy list of unusual but normal things to expect from down below!

Your woo is self-cleaning! 💅

Well, the inside anyway. That’s right, your vagina does in fact clean itself! It does this by producing discharge which secretes naturally to keep your V in tip-top shape. Because of this, you need to make sure you only use feminine washes externally. Our washes in particular are pH-balanced which means they are safer to use on your woo externally than normal body washes, as they won’t disrupt your natural pH.

Feminine washes should only be used around the vulva area and not inserted into the vagina as this could disturb the good bacteria that live inside the vagina and change the natural pH-balance, causing vaginal infections such as BV or thrush. Douching is a no-no!” - Cheyenne Morgan, WooWoo Health Advisor (@letstalkgynae)

Vaginal discharge…

…is perfectly normal! The majority of us get it, and it’s generally nothing to worry about if it does not have an unpleasant smell or is clear or white in colour. In fact, this is a sign that your vagina is taking care of itself! The amount of discharge can vary from person to person too, but it can be heavier during pregnancy, on birth control, or if you’re sexually active. It’s also likely to change colour and consistency throughout your menstrual cycle.

It’s recommended to keep an eye on your discharge and note any changes that are different to what you personally experience. For example, if there is a change in colour or a strong/unpleasant odour, this could be a sign that something isn’t quite right down there. Check out the NHS website for more info about different types or discharge outside of the norm, and remember to contact your GP if you are concerned about your woo! They’ve seen it all before, so no need to worry girls.

Hello noises 👋

Weird noises coming from your woo? No need to be embarrassed! This is called “queefing” and it’s completely normal (and also a little funny 😆). It’s simply caused by air exiting the vagina… that’s it! Some people can do it on demand, but you’ll likely experience this after sex after being in all kinds of positions. Embrace it - it’s just your woo trying to chime into the conversation 😂.

No vulva is the same 🙅

Labias come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Some people may have an “innie” where the inner labia remains tucked away behind the outer labia, and others may have an “outie” where the inner labia hangs outside of the outer labia. No matter what your labia looks like, it’s NORMAL, so rock whatever style you want. Going full bald eagle? Get it, girl! Just a little off the sides? Hell yeah! Keeping it au naturale? We love it! But, if you are into hair removal, take a look at our hair removal cream and wax strips 👀.

“You have the choice to do what you think is best for YOUR imitate area. If you prefer to wax, shave, use hair removal cream (designed for intimate areas), laser, or none of the above, it’s your decision.” - Cheyenne Morgan, WooWoo Health Advisor (@letstalkgynae)

Brown blood? 😧

Brown blood during your period is absolutely fine! It’s actually just old blood exiting your woo which you may notice at the beginning or end of your period. Brown spotting may also occur in the middle of your monthly cycle which is also completely normal. Like vulvas, all periods are different, but if you notice something that is unusual to you, make sure to contact your GP. But for general period woes, check out our period bundle 😉.

Want to learn more about your bits? We talk about all things woo on our blog, so feel free to check out our other posts!

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