Using Lube is Normal - Get Creative With It

Get those slippery misconceptions out of your heads, ladies, it’s time to get wet 'n wild! Ignore any shaming claims that ‘if you need to use lube you’re having bad sex’, as they are uninformed and untrue. Sure, there are times when lube is the last thing on your mind during sex but there are also times where your body isn’t cooperating with your mind and it’s not always the Niagara Falls down there!
There are many reasons why a desired degree of moistness cannot be achieved. Medication such as anti-depressants and the contraceptive pill can affect your libido.  Cyclical changes in your hormone levels can have you acting like an animal on heat or simply indifferent to sex. Alcohol dehydrates your body and smoking can constrict your blood flow making it harder to get wet. Stress levels and mood can distract your focus. Even the washing powder and shower gel you use can cause minor irritations and affect your balance. Basically what we’re saying is that some days your tutu will be more giving than others and there’s nothing wrong with you or what your partner is doing, it’s just circumstance. This can be frustrating when your mind is telling you yes and your body is telling you no, but luckily lube can sort you out whatever the weather.
If neither party is well oiled enough, soreness and irritation are much more likely to arise due to excess friction, especially in and around the genitalia area as the tissues are delicate and more susceptible to damage. Many women and men have also found it more arousing and easier to orgasm when using lube; perhaps due to the sex lasting longer when using lube because let’s be honest – it does feel that much better. Lube is beneficial to both parties and as such it’s no-one‘s duty in particular to provide lube so don’t feel uncomfortable to whip out your own. Try it out with yourself or your sex toys first if you’re uncomfortable or unsure about using it. There are no wrong doings with lube. Use it for anal, oral, massaging or masturbation - experiment and get creative with it.
There are a variety of different lubrication solutions, so find out what works best for you. Many couples tend to rely on saliva for lubrication, which is a great DIY, but it dries out faster and doesn’t slip ‘n slide as nicely as lube does. Look for a lube that is non-irritable and condom-friendly (unlike e.g. Vaseline). Our WooWoo Slide It Lube is a vegan and paraben free sourced from nature. It’s also a pleasure enhancing lube so it adds a bit of a zing and a warming sensation. Our fun and fearless packaging and handbag sized bottle make it easy to travel with in the event that you do not stay at yours and your woo woo needs wetting.
Buy WooWoo Arousal Boosting Slide It! Lube from our online shop here! It’s a water based lube so it it’s safe to use with our condoms.

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