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So, we’ve just discovered an app that we think you should know about! As you know, at WooWoo, we are passionate about making sex-talk less taboo, and this is exactly what Ferly is al about. The app, described as ‘an audio guide to mindful sex’, aims to guide you on the journey to confidence and sexual empowerment – something we can really get behind, because well, everybody has the right to feel confident and sexy!

The sex-positive app wants women to get in touch with their sexuality and discover their pleasure through mindful practices and sensual stories. It also provides education on the anatomy of the vagina amongst other informative pieces regarding sexuality. The truth is, even if you are aware of what you like sexually, being confident with yourself and in-front of your partner can take a little bit of work. Society has taught women that sex shouldn’t be spoken about and that women’s sexual gratification is less important than their partners. However, we want every woman to know that both your sexual desires and gratification are important.

The beauty of the app is that you can use it alone – to get used to what you like and what you don’t, but you can also use it with your partner. There is a session on touching which encourages intimacy without actually having sex. This is also important because you can of course show love and receive pleasure from your bodies without heading straight to getting down and dirty, and in-fact you can receive intense pleasure and feel turned on from it.

There are guided practices like body mapping which aim to get you more comfortable with your body… something we can all use a little practice with. It teaches you to appreciate the body which we love! The steamy in-app stories range from spontaneous threesomes to first-time spankings and honeymoon antics. They are definitely enough to get you going… so if you fancy something a little different to porn, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. The stories are rated by chilli’s so you can listen on the commute home from work or you can listen in bed… basically do you fancy a korma or vindaloo. 

The great thing about this app is that the app developers want to learn from your user experience – so after each listen you are asked to rate your experience and say what you liked about it. There is also a section in your profile where you can talk to Ferly and let them know how they can make the app better, or if you have any suggestions. We think this will allow the app to grow into something rather magical. To women who are sexually in-tune with themselves, to women who feel shy in this department… the app has something for everyone.

The education side of the app is something we should’ve had access to in sex ed – which as we all know, lacked most of the all-important deets we actually needed to know! From learning about the vulva, to what happens to the body during climax and setting boundaries, we think this section should be listened to by everyone! I mean you can never be too over-educated, right?

So, thank you to Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak for making something truly revolutionary in 2019. #FemalePleasureMatters

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