Tame it is going vegan!

We are proud to announce that as of March our whole range of products will be completely vegan! As part of our commitment to the environment (and due to popular to demand) we've been working on a new formula to keep our Tame it! Intimate Hair Removal Cream silky smooth without using the hydrolysed silk proteins it previously contained. So as of March you can be smooth as dolphin's nose and sleep well in the knowledge that no more silk worm cocoons will have been entered to make our popular Tame it product!
Like all of our products our Tame it is also paraben free. While you’ve definitely heard the term before, you’re probably wondering what it actually entails and why it's important. Parabens are widely used in skincare and beauty products to pro-long shelf life. They are a type of preservative that prevent the ingredients in the product from growing mould or developing bacteria. While that sounds like a good thing, parabens are a chemical compound and can be harmful to your body and have been linked to disrupting hormone function, as it is able to mimic oestrogen – a key hormone for your femininity and your woo-woo! 
Keep your lady garden healthy and your planet happy and be ready for our newly vegan Tame it to hit the shelves in March!

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