Shower Together Day for Singles


Don’t have a significant other to share a shower with? You still deserve to enjoy Shower Together Day by taking yourself for a hot, steamy solo sesh 🥵. Take a look at why we think showering alone can be just as fun:

It’s All About You

No need to think about anyone else but yourself here - this is your safe space where you can explore your body and discover what really tickles your fancy 👅. Maybe introduce yourself to the showerhead… if you know, you know 👀.

Hello Waterproof Toys

Dive into self-pleasure in a whole different way by bringing along some waterproof toys when you next have some me-time. With no cables or batteries in sight, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure your toy is charged before you play - there’s nothing more annoying than having your toy die on you when you’re about to see stars 🙄. Our WooWoo friend, Womanizer, has a selection of waterproof toys that last for HOURS. We recommend the Womanizer Pro40 which is perfect for some in-shower clit stimulation. Just make sure you don’t run up the water bill 😉.

Safety First

The last thing you want in the middle of masturbating is to fall ass over tit across the shower floor. Get yourself a non-slip mat to avoid having to explain to your housemates why you need to take a trip to A&E 🤭. This one from Sass & Belle is right up our alley 😏. Another safety tip from us is to use oil-based lube to keep your bits ✨wet wet✨ and steer clear of uncomfy friction. (Psst… using water-based lube in the shower can cause your vulva to become drier as it’ll wash away straight down the drain. However, we’d recommend our water-based Slide It! Pleasure Lube for when you wanna take things back to the bedroom 😌).

Get Into the Groove…

…by putting on your fave playlist that’ll set the mood 💃🏻. You could also turn off the light and add some candles for a saucier vibe. Adjust your bathroom to what you feel confident and comfortable in as that’ll help to enhance the experience, and your pleasure 😌.

We hope these tips help you take your solo sesh to the next level and remind you that Shower Together Day can be between you and your hand too 😝. But for when you don’t want to be alone, check out our shower sex tips here.

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