For The Love of Cranberries

So… urine trouble again? Time to up your cranberry intake! There are many myths surrounding the health benefits of cranberries, from better heart and gum health to relieving cystitis. We’re here to fill in the blanks and boost your berry knowledge.
Though we may only think of these little berries around Christmas time, they are in fact a year-round superfood! Where to start? Cranberries are bursting full of disease-fighting antioxidants (molecules that neutralise atoms that can cause harm to your body), they’re a great source of fibre and vitamins (A, C, E and K) and also rich in phytonutrients (health “boosters”). Cranberries pretty much outrank any other fruit or veg (apart from blueberries)!
They also have berry good anti-inflammatory effects on the body’s immune system, which may be why many women swear by drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry tablets to relieve and prevent cystitis, otherwise known as a UTI or a bladder infection. Now, before we get onto why and how they can help, let’s brush up on what we know about cystitis.
UTI is the umbrella term for infections that occur in the bladder region. We shall spare you of all the complicated details (if you are interested click here) but just know that cystitis is the medical term for a bladder infection, and a bladder infection is a type of Urinary Tract Infection. UTIs occur when bad bacteria travel up the urethra and enter your bladder. Mostly, E. Coli is the main culprit but bacteria from your rectum, your sexual partner or dirt-ridden public loos can be just as guilty. Women are twice as susceptible to UTIs than men as their urethras are shorter, so the bacteria don’t have to travel as far. This is why it’s important to always pee after sex as it flushes out toxins that may have entered your urethra. For those of you lucky enough to have never experienced a UTI, here are some symptoms to look out for:
A painful burning sensation when urinating
An urgent need to urinate
A frequent need to urinate that subsides when you try
In extreme cases: fever, blood in your urine or severe back pain, which is a sign that the infection has reached your kidneys and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible!

Now then: where do cranberries fit in? The active ingredients in these wondersome juicy drops can prevent said bacteria from adhering to your bladder/urinary tract wall, and the phytonutrients lower the risk of your bladder become inflamed – hence the anti-inflammatory properties. They also tend to hydrate your body and flush out the bad toxins that are causing your symptoms, so drinking cranberry juice is also miraculous if you’re bloated or retaining water! What’s more is that they help balance your pH, something we all know can be awfully irritating when it’s out of wack down there.

Cranberries offer far more remedies than solely for your sexual health – they can improve your digestion, reduce bad cholesterol, and even prevent gum disease! You’ll be surprised how beneficial they are to your health, so no matter how you enjoy these little red pearls – fresh, frozen, juiced, dried, or in a cosmo – just remember to do so plentifully so you can reap their superfruit-y goodness. They’re scrumptious, awfully refreshing, and who would say no to boosting their immune system and improving vaginal health!

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