Ditch the Razor: Alternative Hair Removal Ideas


This April, we’re challenging you to ditch the razor! Ingrown hairs and razor rashes are no longer a thing… we’re here for silky, dolphin smooth skin alllll day 👏.

For when you want it all off…

…we’d recommend our Tame It! Hair Removal Cream. If the bald eagle is your go to, using a razor can be time consuming and you’ll likely be met with a razor rash the next day. If only you could find a product with soothing aloe vera and softening jojoba oil 😏 Our Hair Removal Cream works in only 3-6 minutes too! That’s enough time to:

  • Make a cuppa
  • Tidy up your roots (true story from a customer)!
  • Play with your pet
  • Do the Wordle of the day
  • Get an episode of Bridgerton ready
  • Follow us on our socials… (@woowoo.fun) 👀

As a cream, Tame It! can get to the places that are difficult to reach with a razor, so no need to worry about using it down there. It’s designed for intimate use!

Just a little off the sides?

Tame It! might not be for you, but our Wax Strips certainly are 😝. Perfect for your bikini line, our wax strips can give you up to 28 days of dolphin smooth skin. Whatever style you’re rocking, use our wax strips to get creative! Packed with damask rose oil, our strips are anti-inflammatory and our aloe vera sachets provide cooling and soothing relief which you won’t get from salon visits. Silky smooth skin without leaving the house? Yes, please 👏.

Turning up the heat

Make sure to wear SPF! The sun can damage our skin easily, so make sure you’re using products with a high SPF content on both your body and face. SPF should be used all year round to protect you from UV rays, but in the summer months make sure to up your quantity as much as possible.

As we move into the summer months, one thing this heat can cause is chafing. As we sweat and our skin rubs together, this friction can make our skin sting and burn - if you know, you know! This can also lead to a sore rash, and in worst cases, bleeding and swelling.

Say bye-bye to chafing and introduce our Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm into your skincare routine! This balm is the best of both worlds as it can help prevent chafing as well as calm existing chafe by soothing the skin with chamomile, rosehip oil and aloe vera. Saddle Sore! is also perfect after an intense session in the saddle… 👀. Do you know what else is soothing? A moisturiser after it’s been sitting in the fridge all day 😰. If you know, you know… But if you don’t, keep your lotions and potions in the fridge for a cooling sensation on a hot summer's day. This is especially soothing post hair removal!

Want it all?

For the ultimate hair removal pamper sesh, check out our Dolphin Smooth Bundle which includes a full-size Tame It! Hair Removal Cream and our Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm which is perfect for post-hair removal application! Did we mention this set is also cheaper when you subscribe monthly?

Join us in this movement and feel empowered in your choice!

"Some women choose to remove hair from their intimate area and prefer a super smooth slate. Some women prefer to keep their pubic hair, but decide to tame it (keeping it low). Everyone has their preference, and you have the choice to do what you think is best for your intimate area!" - Cheyenne, Registered Nurse and WooWoo Health Advisor

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