Care Down There

Take Off Wet Swimwear or Gym Gear Immediately

Stay out of wet clothes from the gym or swimming, as it can make you susceptible to infections. A friend of WooWoo recently went on a week’s fitness retreat to Greece. Despite clean knickers every day, she re-wore some sports shorts. The bacteria lurking in those shorts gave her an infection that shut down her whole body. Ouch! Post work out, always shower, air dry down there, wear breathable cotton knickers and loose clean clothing.

Do Your Kegels

This is an easy one you can do everyday... on the bus, in a meeting or even at your in-laws. Kegels strengthen your vagina muscles and as well as making your orgasms stronger (win) they can ease the pain of child brith and prevent any leakage. To do a Kegel squeeze your pelvic floor muscles (the same muscles you use to stop peeing mid stream) for 8 seconds and then rest for ten. Do ten of these and repeat throughout the day. The key is to get in the habit of doing them every day.



Wear Cotton Knickers

Let your vagina breathe. The tighter your clothing and the more synthetic the fabric, the funkier the fanny. Cotton knickers all day, every day (and obviously change them once a day). Or if you're feeling cheeky, go commando!

You Are What You Eat


What you eat can affect the way you smell and the way you taste! So make sure you have lots of healthy fruit and veg and drink plenty of water. Probiotics can also be a helpful addition to your diet. Look out for spicy foods and get to know what foods make you feel bloated  - you don't want these to knock your body confidence or kill your sex drive.

Look After Ingrown Hairs Properly

They're painful, itchy and so so irritating. Find a hair removal regime that works for you and if you are going to shave, make sure you use a good blade. Top tip: buy your razors in the mens section, they are cheaper and sharper. Things like shaving foam and post-shave moisturising should keep the pesky ingrowns at bay. If you do get one it's best to avoid temptation and leave it be to avoid pushing it down further or spreading bacteria. If you absolutely have to, gently tease it out with a pair of sterile tweezers but don't dig or squeeze.

Let It Breathe


They may make your bum look great from behind but tight jeans can rub up against your bits and cause irritation sometimes even lead to a yeast infection. Decreased breathability and trapped heat creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive! Let your WooWoo breathe and opt for some culottes or a skirt every now and then.


Drink Your Daily Dose

We know your mum has been telling you this from day one but drinking 1.5 litres a day is important for a whole host of things - including your vagina! If you're dehydrated, your vagina probably is too. The science behind this is that the inside of your vagina has a certain pH balance that helps healthy organisms thrive - if you upset the pH balance, for instance with dehydrated skin around the vagina, you will upset the good bacteria. Do it now, thank us later.

Stay In The Right Lane

It sounds childish but it's important. You should always wipe from front to back to keep what's in the back in the back and what's in the front in the front. You don't want to  introduce any bacteria from the GI tract into the vagina by wiping the wrong way. The same goes for sex - if you're switching from back door to front door make sure to change condom or wipe it down.

Sleep In The Buff

Your WooWoo needs to relax and breathe. Men boast about “morning glory” and erections in their sleep but women get just as many, ours are just clitoral. Sleeping in a cool room will give you the best night’s sleep and free your Va-Jay-Jay. Unencumbered by PJs, you’ll not only smell and taste better but you’ll feel ready to take advantage of any “morning wood” that nudges you awake.

Always Be Prepared

Dryness is totally normal, but you don't want to let it ruin the mood when you're about to get busy. Use a water based lube to get things going - this will prevent any pain or micro-tearing, plus it's hot.

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