5 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

A healthy sex-life has many proven benefits; both physically and emotionally. From reduction of stress, to lowering blood pressure, to boosting your immune system.
Sex is great. There we said it. As a woman it can hard be hard to be open about your sexual desires and experiences as there’s often a raised eyebrow (Maura from Love Island being a prime example). We’re all about normalising female sexuality, after all if you’re having a great time, why shouldn’t you talk about it? Men do, openly, freely, and often.
In the spirit of being free and open we’ve put together some tips and tricks for you to spice up your sex life and have the best sex you possibly can!

Mix Up Your Sex Positions

If you want to spice up your sex life try taking a leaf out of the Kamasutra. Trying a new position can help renew the spark with a long term parter, it can switch up the power balance or even unlock the secret to faster orgasms. Yes, missionary and doggy style feel great (they really do) – but if you’ve been doing these for years, mix it up and set a goal of trying one new sex position per week?




Invest In Some Sex Toys

Ok, you don’t need to go all out and spend hundreds on a toy box of sex toys (unless you have the means and the will), however, investing in a great dildo or vibrator could bring some much-needed excitement, both alone and with your partner. Use the sex toys to pleasure yourself and experiment by getting to know the areas of your vagina that are the most sensitive, and most enjoyable. To spice things up with your partner get him/her to use it on you (a massive turn-on) or better yet use it on yourself in front of them (again, massive turn on).

Tip - why not try using the vibrator for clitoral stimulation whilst having sex with your partner? This could make you orgasm faster!




Location, Location, Location

No, this doesn’t mean to start watching the TV programme on repeat (although it is pretty great!). More than likely, the place you most engage in sexual experiences is a bed, and as great as that is, mixing up the location can be an easy-but-sexy way to shake things up in your sex life. Depending on how experimental you’d like to be will add to the heat of the moment *wink wink*




The Pre-Work Out Work Out

It has been shown that people who engage in regular exercise are more physiologically excited, and so more receptive so sex. Exercising gets you in the mood and gets the blood flowing to all the right places to leave you stress-free and relaxed. Let’s not forget about the confidence boost that comes from feeling good in yourself, and the sexier we feel, the better, right? If you have a partner we suggest exercising together. Lycra. Muscles. Sweat. Need we say more?




The Secret Ingredient

What if we told you there was an ingredient that you could make it 50% easier to orgasm? Say hello to lubricant! Lube has been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of orgasm in both men and women in sex and masturbation. Not only does it prevent friction, it can give you some pretty awesome sensations. The cold sensation of the lube as it goes on, the wetness and the overall silky feel just makes everything feel better! If you like to get experimental from time-to-time, you could try a warming lubricant, or perhaps a tingling lubricant to see what gets you going. You don’t need to use lube just on your down below either – try taking a pump and rubbing it on your breasts during foreplay – HOT!


At WooWoo we believe these conversations are important in removing barriers to better sex lives. If we are open about our own experiences, we can help others feel the same too. If you have any sex tips then get in touch with us! We love hearing your stories.

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