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With many of us going in (and out) of various lockdowns around the UK, and the rest of the world, we wanted to share our favourite home workouts that you can try at home. With the instability around us, we can add some stability to our day-to-day lives by creating a routine that keeps us feelin’ ourselves (happy and healthy).

It’s not always easy to find motivation, but the important thing is to listen to your body. Some days you may need a high intensity workout to get the endorphins pumping, and get your frustration out, and other days you may feel low energy, and opt for just 10 minutes of yoga to recenter yourself. It’s easy to feel like if you aren’t doing a 45 minute workout, then there’s no point doing anything at all. But the truth is, life is about finding balance and flowing with how you feel each day. Do what works for you, what makes you feel good, and most-importantly have FUN. Workouts shouldn't feel like a daily punishment...


Natacha Oceane
This 20 minute home HIIT workout is a no equipment, no noise workout - so perfect if you live in a flat and don’t fancy your neighbor cursing you as you get your burn on. Setting aside 20 minutes aside out of your day is a small ask when it can have such a profound effect on your state of mind and body. Also, the 20 minutes go super quick with the layout of this workout (believe us, we’ve tried it)!

Courtney Black

If you’re yet to hear of Courney Black, then you may have been hiding under a rock - @courtneyblack’s 28 day challenges have helped thousands of people stay motivated, and keep fit and healthy through lockdown #1 and beyond. The workouts are PRETTY intense - but sometimes that is exactly what you need. With a variety of videos saved to IGTV from 10-45 minutes and covering abs, low impact, upper body and abs, as well as latin HIIT, there is plenty to choose from depending on your mood!


If you prefer something a little different, with less of a serious vibe, then dancing may be more your bag.

30 minute Latin Dance Workout
If you’re new to dance workouts, this workout offers modifications throughout the 30 minutes so that you can try the level that feels right for you. Not only is dancing a fun way to get your body moving, it can improve your mood SO much! 
“What did you do today babe”
“Oh, just some Latin in the living room”

The Curve Catwalk 
@thecurvecatwalk is the UK’s first plus size dance class, and they hold fabulous online classes! Sign up for their free videos https://www.thecurvecatwalk.com/ondemand where you will get access to their pre-recorded dance videos in genres like Hip Hop, Soca and Reggae. And wait for it… they even performed on stage with Lizzo at Glastonbury 2019! 

Mad Fit
We love the variety of Mad Fit’s workouts - the YouTube channel is set into apartment-friendly workouts, no equipment workouts, low impact workouts, and more! With 4.79M subscribers 1.1m instagram followers, Maddie Lymburner has curated a feed of amazing workouts for you to try. You can head to @madfit.ig, but we chose this 15 minute Justin Bieber workout. Because, we’re here for it. A full body dance cardio routine to some classic JB hits - a great way to get a sweat on (could also be done with a housemate and a glass of wine on a Friday night for a laugh).


 The Danielle Peazer Method, created by professional dancer, @daniellepeazer, allows you to train like a dancer, with a dancer!  DPM has been named the best home workout by Vogue, and over 1million people have completed the Sweat, Sculpt & Style workouts. You can head to @daniellepeazermethod to get a quick taster session on IGTV, where you’ll find full body workouts, technique and posture workouts and butt workouts (hello peaches). To be a DPM member, you can sign up via the website - it costs £7.50 per month for the standard package with 3 real-time workouts per week, ranging between 30-60 minutes long! 


If you have a set of dumbbells at home, mixing your cardio / HIIT / dancing workouts with some weight training can keep it interesting.
Again, MadFit’s workouts are super easy to follow, so try adding this 15 minute full upper body workout into your routine once a week. 
Heather Robertson
You can complete this workout with a kettlebell or a dumbbell. This full body workout incorporates a sweaty series of kettlebell exercises into a 25 minute sesh.


Your high intensity workouts are great, but you also need to factor in stretching, as well as resting and resetting when needed. 

Okay, #sorrynotsorry, but MadFit really does have your back with every type of workout. This 15 minute full body includes light and easy full body stretches for a de-stress and reset. 

Yoga with Adriene
If you’re looking to add some movement into your day, in a consistent way, then the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne is a good place to start. Each video has around 1m views - they can give you something to focus on, and something to look forward to!


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