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How can being single benefit you?!

Real Women Real Stories

How can being single benefit you?!

In addition to getting better sleep, studies have found that...

Do I want a relationship or is it just 'Cuffing Season'?

Getting “cuffed” might not be exactly what it sounds like…...

Something for the weekend...

"So yes if you ask me if I think condoms kill the moment, nope, not one jot. I like them it’s hot just seeing them in my bedside drawer.  The promise of fun. "

Back in the thick of it...

After 5 years, our very own Marketing Exec, Millie, describes her newly single dating experience.

Rediscovering myself.. in my late forties?!

A real life experience of a woman rediscovering herself after an expired marriage, living and loving her new single life and reclaiming herself.

Perimenopause and HRT

Find out how WooWoo Founder, Lucy Anderson, experienced a silver-lining through HRT...

Lockdown Life & The Cult Product You Need to Know

The DIY Hair Removal Cream you need to know. Tame It!, the vegan-friendly, fuss-free way to get silky smooth at home. No salon? No problem!

Perimenopause… WTF?

Founder, Lucy Anderson's experience with the perimenopause so far!

Dating Horror Stories

In the name of Spooky Season, we thought it was...


"I’m able to climax solo, but I’ve never been able to orgasm during sex with any partner. We’ve tried different positions and toys but it’s still not helped. We are both left disappointed when it doesn’t happen."

Sex and Relationship Columnist, SJ, tells all.

Sex and relationship expert, Sarah Banahan shares her lockdown wisdom with WooWoo.

How to Have a Better Orgasm

In the name of research and intrigue, we watched Channel 5's “How to Have a Better Orgasm”

WooWoo x Women's History Month

To the women who have fought for and the women who continue to fight for female sexual liberation - we thank you.

Beat the Smear Fear! A Helpful Guide For You and Your Woo

Hannah takes us through her oh-so-fine smear test.

A Festival Guide For Your Vagina

What to pack besides wellies and anti bac!

Our Sexual Health Campaign

A little bit about our sexual health campaign raising awareness of the importance of self-care and sexual health.

Tales From A Mooncup Convert

What happened when I tried the mooncup.