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4 Things You Didn’t Know About STI’s


4 Things You Didn’t Know About STI’s

Every January STIQ Day comes around and it’s a great...

What Sex Ed never taught you...

Everyone’s sex-ed experience in school is always cringeworthy, uncomfortable, very...

Something for the weekend...

"So yes if you ask me if I think condoms kill the moment, nope, not one jot. I like them it’s hot just seeing them in my bedside drawer.  The promise of fun. "

Sexual Wellbeing & Intimate Health: What is STIQ Day?

If your party season happened to include unprotected sex, now is the time for a check up! 

What to Say When He Doesn't Want To Wear a Condom

Ways to get him to wear the condom when it feels like he’s definitely (over)done his research on excuses not to.

A Festival Guide For Your Vagina

What to pack besides wellies and anti bac!

WooWoo’s Ultimate Sex Education Guide

It's no secret that sex education at schools doesn't always hit the mark. For girls it's mostly focused on periods and how not to get pregnant but there's a WHOLE LOAD of other stuff we wish we'd been taught when we were younger.

Ten WooWoo Commandments

A guidebook on taking full ownership of your vagina in terms of how you treat, regard and respect it.

Annika’s Top Five Tips On How To Practice Safe Sex

Annika Murfitt, our resident sexual health expert shares her top five tips on how to practise safe sex.

Our Sexual Health Campaign

A little bit about our sexual health campaign raising awareness of the importance of self-care and sexual health.

Contraception 101 – The Ultimate Guide

We’ve got your back (and your front).

Myths About Sexually Transmitted Infections

Common myths about sexually transmitted infections.