How to Keep Sparks Flying

Bonfire Night has been and gone but that’s not an excuse to let the sparks dull in the bedroom. There may be many reasons as to why you or your partner are experiencing a low libido. Pregnancy, menopause, stress and low self esteem are a few of many things you may be experiencing that are making you lack interest in your sex life. Sex is a relationship big aspect for most couples, so we’ve put together a few tips to help keep the sparks flying…

Stress less 💆

Stress can play a big part if you are experiencing a low sex drive. Activities such as meditation, exercise and practicing self-care can help you to feel more zen and increase the likelihood of feeling ‘in the mood’ 👀. Check out our blog on how you can manage your stress here.

Communication is key 🔑

Couples that communicate well often have a greater emotional connection and in turn have better sex. Make sure to communicate with your partner your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. There is no shame at all in asking your partner to make a few changes to suit your sexual needs. Ensure they communicate what makes them get going too. You’ll get an even better kick out of it if you’re both being open and honest!

Make time for each other 🤝

Great sex won’t happen unless you both set aside the time for intimacy. We’re not saying schedule sex in your diary for Wednesday’s at 6pm (unless that floats your boat, of course!), but ensure you’re making intimacy a priority in your relationship if you feel the fire is starting to turn to embers.

Add a little bit of ✨spice✨

There’s nothing wrong with being “vanilla”, do whatever makes those sparks fly, but if you are looking for a little extra something-something in the bedroom there are a huge range of toys and products to introduce. Vibrators are a great starting point for beginners (especially for those of you that struggle to orgasm through penetration alone). Our WooWoo friend Womanizer has an incredible range of toys that are so worth the purchase… Trust us 🤭.

Foreplay first 👀

Foreplay enables you and your partner to explore each other's bodies and turn each other on before the big bang 🎇 (pun intended, hehe). It can also be so enjoyable it may well be the main event! This is the perfect time to experiment with different toys and products too such as our Hemp Bliss Oil. This oil is perfect for helping you or your partner to relax and enjoy the experience. It also helps to increase clitoral sensation and provides natural lubrication.

Stay comfortable 🧘

The last thing you need when getting into the groove is that “OUCH” moment ruining the vibe… IYKYK. Make sure you’re stocked up on our Slide It! Lube to keep things slipping and sliding. Also, ensure you’re trying out comfortable and safe positions! Put down that Kama Sutra and take a gander at the blog we wrote about positions perfect for female pleasure here. You’re welcome 😉.

And there you have it, our top tips for keeping sparks flying in the bedroom. Don’t forget we’re here for all your bedroom needs over at







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