How To Go With The Flow This Festival Season

It’s finally festival season and we’re absolutely buzzing with excitement 💃. But there is one thing that has been lingering on our minds… how can we deal with the wrath of Mother Nature in the middle of a field? We all know it’s not ideal riding the crimson wave when all you’re trying to do is have a good time, so we’ve come up with some amazing tips that’ll help you boogie on without giving your period a second thought.

Preparation is key

Festivals tend to charge more when buying things on site and supermarkets are often a trek to get to, so it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared when packing. Aside from your fire outfits, it’s important that your period products are packed just in case of emergencies. Here are our top picks for your period pack:

  • Make sure to pack enough sanitary products! Whether it’s tampons or pads, bring some spare for those “oh no” moments. Totm are a great option as they’re made from organic cotton and are designed to reduce waste!
  • A spare pair of underwear is an essential if your cycle is a bit unpredictable. It’s always best to be prepared for any leakages.
  • For when you need a wipe down, our WooWoo wipes are ideal for cleaning up any messes. They’re pH-balanced so you can use them to clean the exterior of your woo, AND they’re biodegradable and flushable. Definitely a period necessity!
  • If your festival provides shower facilities, our Cranberry Crush Bundle is ideal. It includes both our Cranberry Cleanse and wipes so you can keep your woo feeling extra fresh while away.
  • For those moments when there is no hand wash in sight, our Hand Sanitiser will keep your hands clean and bacteria free! It’s also the perfect size for keeping in your bum bag.

Stay pain-free

Don’t let period cramps ruin your festi fun! Instead, try out this pressure point routine to help cramps naturally. Exercise can also help relieve period pain, so throw yourself into the crowd and bust out your best dance moves! Our Hemp Bliss Oil is also perfect for a massage to help alleviate achy backs and period cramps. You can find it in, along with other period essentials, in our Period Bundle.

The choice is yours

Tampons? Sanitary towels? Diva cups? With so many options, it can be hard choosing what’s best for you while you’re away from the comfort of your own bathroom. They all have their perks, but after a few drinks in your camp, things can get a little messy… So, let’s go over the pros and cons:


Pros: Less clean-up, small and compact, discreet for when you want to show a bit more skin on your lower half.

Cons: More risk of infection when changing due to dirty hands.

Sanitary towels

Pros: No dirty hands near your woo, loads of choices dependent on how heavy your flow is, you can double up if you need.

Cons: A bit messier, bulkier down below.

Diva cups

Pros: Reusable, more sustainable than disposable products.

Cons: Can be an issue to clean with limited toilet facilities.


No matter your period product preference (try saying that three times fast 😂), we would suggest doing some research about the toilet facilities before heading off. But remember that even in the messiest of situations, our WooWoo Wipes have got your back 😘.


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