How To Embrace Your Changing Libido

Everyone’s sex drive is different, and you know yours the best (except for a lucky few, perhaps 😉). If things seem a little different than usual, you’d probably like to get to the bottom of it. We’ve collected a few possible causes, and some tips on how to harness your libido…

What’s going on?

First thing’s first, let’s ease some worry. A change in libido is a very common thing to experience. One study found around 1 in 4 premenopausal women experienced low sexual desire, and there are a lot of possible reasons why. Life changes like pregnancy and menopause can cause fluctuations, as can illness. Even your birth control could be having an impact!

Ride the wave

For some, making the most of your libido might simply be a matter of good timing. This is largely due to your hormone levels (isn’t it always 🙄). They change throughout the menstrual cycle and depending on where you are in yours, you might experience a higher or lower drive than your ‘usual’. Ovulation, for example, often results in more desire to have sex, masturbate or fantasize. Next time you’re feeling a distinct peak in your sexual energy, that week of heightened fertility might be to blame. It also might be the perfect time to try out some of these next tips…

Getting back on track

A little nurturing can go a long way to relighting the fire. Or, if the flames are well and truly blazing, it’s a great opportunity to re-examine your sex life and figure out what exactly makes you tick. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Explore your woo 

You never need an excuse for self-love, so grab some bliss oil and get experimental. Made with hemp, a few drops of our botanical formula is all you need to boost sensation. Use all over your body, or just focus on your woo.

Go beyond the physical 

Most women need to be in the right headspace to really start feeling it and that fact often gets overlooked. Switching off stresses is a big part of this. A nice hot soak (featuring our multi-purpose, pH balanced Chamomile Cleanse) followed by some pampering should help clear your mind of distractions.

Bring the mood to you 

Actively trying to wake up your libido may not sound sexy, but just like your mind, your body can often use some warming up to get things going. If you’re with a partner, foreplay can help ignite your responsive desire. Bring some new toys into the mix and add our silky Slide It! Lube to keep everything going smoothly.



Check in with yourself

Aside from environmental or hormonal causes, an extended loss of (or big increase in) libido could be a sign that something else is going on. Depression, anxiety, and an underactive thyroid all feature libido changes as a symptom. If you think this might be the case, while the above tips may still help, it’s best to consult your GP. Don’t be shy about bringing it up - like we said, it’s very, very common!




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