Hair Removal Bundle

Our in shower hair removal cream can be used for your legs undercarriage, bum, and bikini line. Safe, effective and highly reviewed, it is the perfect solution for unwanted hair.

Tame it! Hair Removal Dolphin Smooth Bundle


CHF 18.00 CHF 16.00 Save CHF 2.00
Save An Extra 10%

Pamper Your Peach Set


CHF 12.00

The Essentials Bundle


CHF 18.00 CHF 17.00 Save CHF 1.00
Save An Extra 10%

Dreams come WOO: Soothing Balm, Gentle Wash & Hair Removal


CHF 21.00 CHF 19.00 Save CHF 2.00
Save An Extra 10%

Tame it! Hair Removal Dolphin Smooth Bundle XL


CHF 35.00 CHF 28.00 Save CHF 7.00
Save An Extra 10%

The Wetter The Better


CHF 28.00 CHF 25.00 Save CHF 3.00
Save An Extra 10%


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