Hair removal, pH balanced wash and soothing balm

Dreams come WOO: Soothing Balm, Gentle Wash & Hair Removal

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Product Description

All you need to make your skincare dreams come WOO. Save on your faves in our latest soothing skincare gift set when you buy our bundle (RRP £21.45), but you get it for £19.50 plus free UK shipping, saving an extra £2.50!

What you'll get: Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm, Tame It! 100ml, Cranberry Cleanse (see individual product pages for full ingredients and usage info).

Absolutely Gobsmacked!

“I'd seen woo woo hair removal advertised all over my insta and after the millionth time of seeing it, I just had to see what the fuss was about.... Oh my god I understand every single raving review now! I honestly must have the smoothest front to back in the whole of Lincolnshire! I wasn't expecting it to work as well or as quickly as it did and I am just absolutely amazed. I will be a woowoo customer for life now and my partner is also very pleased I discovered woowoo 😌 the after balm is also highly recommended it's smells gorgeous and together with the cranberry intimate wash I not only have the smoothest downstairs but the best smelling too. What a day!”