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How can being single benefit you?!

Real Women Real Stories

How can being single benefit you?!

In addition to getting better sleep, studies have found that...

Do I want a relationship or is it just 'Cuffing Season'?

Getting ā€œcuffedā€ might not be exactly what it sounds likeā€¦...

Something for the weekend...

"So yes if you ask me if I think condoms kill the moment, nope, not one jot. I like them itā€™s hot just seeing them in my bedside drawer.Ā  The promise of fun. "

Back in the thick of it...

After 5 years, our very own Marketing Exec, Millie, describes her newly single dating experience.

Rediscovering myself.. in my late forties?!

A real life experience of a woman rediscovering herself after an expired marriage, living and loving her new single life and reclaimingĀ herself.

Perimenopause and HRT

Find out how WooWoo Founder, Lucy Anderson, experienced a silver-lining through HRT...

Lockdown Life & The Cult Product You Need to Know

The DIY Hair Removal Cream you need to know. Tame It!, the vegan-friendly, fuss-free way to get silky smooth at home. No salon? No problem!

Perimenopauseā€¦ WTF?

Founder, Lucy Anderson's experience with the perimenopause so far!

Dating Horror Stories

In the name of Spooky Season, we thought it was...


"Iā€™m able to climax solo, but Iā€™ve never been able to orgasm during sex with any partner. Weā€™ve tried different positions and toys but itā€™s still not helped. We are both left disappointed when it doesnā€™t happen."

Sex and Relationship Columnist, SJ, tells all.

Sex and relationship expert, Sarah Banahan shares her lockdown wisdom with WooWoo.

How to Have a Better Orgasm

In the name of research and intrigue, weĀ watchedĀ Channel 5's ā€œHow to Have a Better Orgasmā€

WooWoo x Women's History Month

To the women who have fought for andĀ the women who continueĀ to fight forĀ female sexual liberationĀ - we thank you.

Beat the Smear Fear! A Helpful Guide For You and Your Woo

HannahĀ takesĀ usĀ through her oh-so-fine smear test.

A Festival Guide For Your Vagina

What to pack besides wellies and anti bac!

Our Sexual Health Campaign

A little bit about our sexual health campaign raising awareness of the importance of self-care and sexual health.

Tales From A Mooncup Convert

What happened when I tried the mooncup.