Live Your Best Life After Lockdown

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With a lot of us used to an on-the-go routine of packed schedules and a rushed eyeliner wing on the bus, we're now settled into the bubble of comfort that is working from home (where no-one has to know it's business up top and pyjamas down below). As lockdown measures ease, we're looking forward to pressing play on a more sociable and interactive life. Obvs, you’re eager to get out there and be your new best self, but where to start? How will life be after lockdown? How will self-isolating for so long affect our new work routines, social lives, and mental health? How will we get to know new people? Are flares still in? Many queries swirl the horizon as we prepare to leave the nest, and while we may not have the answers to everything, we have a party bag full of treats to give you the energy to sashay out of quarantine looking and feeling like a well pampered, boss-ass bitch. 
We have a whole month of prizes and giveaways planned this June to give you a taste of the sweet, sweet freedom that is to come.
YES, we said a whole month of prizes. Each day we’ll be giving you the chance to win some self-care essentials from some of your favourite brands (including us) to get you ready for your own personal renaissance. Think polaroid cameras to capture Aperol picnics in the park, skin-care to have you glowing, and outfit accessories to have you turning heads. Not to mention our Tame It! Tuesdays where we'll be giving away a summer-long supply of Tame It! to a lucky winner each week.
Along with a month of giveaways, we're here to tell you that things are going to be okay! We may be creatures of habit but we are very adaptable. So we've also compiled some tips for your re-entry into the real world!

Going back to work

Some of us may be returning to old routines and some of us are venturing into the unknown. Whether you're trying to find the motivation to go back to what seems like a past life, or you need a boost of confidence to address new things... think about having a mini wardrobe makeover. Because we all know, a power wardrobe, equals power moves. Spend an afternoon going through your clothes to see what you need to lose, what you can rock effortlessly, and make space for new statement pieces. Shake things up with new combinations, or accentuate with statement jewellery or hair accessories. Maybe even treat yourself to a back-on-my-bullshit ASOS haul! Obviously stay tuned to our Life After Lockdown Calendar Giveaway, as the perfect accessory may reveal itself.

the ordinary skin care

Mental health + self care

Months of doing the same thing on end has no doubt had an effect on your mental state. Keep your anxieties in check by being honest with yourself and anyone close to you that you trust. Don’t be scared to voice your concerns and troubles, it’s good to get things out into the open and clear the air. We’re all in the same boat, in that we’re wading into the unknown, but if we tough it together and support each other through this strange time, life will be more approachable. The key to living healthily and happily is balance. Only take on as much as you feel comfortable doing, and don’t push yourself to do too much at once. One constant we urge you to maintain and practice rigorously, is self-love, baby! Relish your hobbies, and don’t get caught up in a vicious cycle of watching the news and clicking yourself into paranoia. Invest your spare time into your passions and watch them grow. If your self-esteem tank is feeling low, blast some Queen Bey whilst you strut your stuff. Pick up a bottle of wine, whip out that Glossier cloud paint and don’t be shy with the glitter, girl - dance the night away on your bed with your Spotify on private mode.

pilates exercise regime

Maintain new exercise regimes

With the extra hours on your hands, and the opportunity to be more flexible, you may have picked up some new and healthy exercise routines. Going back to ‘normal’ doesn’t mean this has to stop! Early and late rush-hours on humid public transport…why not walk or bike? Getting some fresh air and exercise will give you a spring in your step in the morning and mellow you out after a long day. Apps like Couch to 5k could even help you work towards a goal if you need extra motivation or want to lose any quarantine-surplus. Classes can be a great way to connect with people and make new acquaintances whilst you power your way through the fat-burn zone (provided they offer a socially distanced service). If you’re more of a solo-exerciser but can’t find the motivation to take yourself out for a walk or run, why not look into local dog-walking and do it with a furry friend. Again, keep your eyes on our Insta for some unbelievable exercise giveaways this month! 

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Don't neglect your social life

As summer swelters its way into the new decade, sweaty raves and campfires at the beach seem so attractive, but remember that life will not be what we were all so used to. Enjoying nature and outdoors can be a great way to ease back into social habits, and of course, your lurve life. We’re all dying to go bitch with our besties over eggs ben at bottomless brunch, but you can just as easily make one to go or even bring your own brew and walk-and-talk whilst you sip, or sit and chinwag on a bench. And ladies, when the Tinder train finally stops at the first station of satisfaction post-lockdown, instead of going to a restaurant you could make a picnic together to enjoy in a field at sunset – who said chivalry was dead? Of course, no summer would be complete without a few ragers, and just because you won’t be able to frequent your local for an Aperol spritz or three, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Intimate gatherings can get just as wild as a night out on the town, minus the Uber fare home! Just whip out the cards against humanity and watch the debauchery unravel. Don’t be afraid to socialise, but just remember to do so sensibly and responsibly, and make sure you bring the appropriate protective gear for any occasion (once the 2m rule is a thing of the past, of course).

pamper your peach lockdown competition

Pamper your peach

It goes without saying that self-love and self-care should not be neglected down there! Each Wednesday we’ll be giving away some of our new Pamper Your Peach sets so that you can give your WooWoo the attention and appreciation she deserves. If your garden is in full bloom and you fancy trimming the verges but are waiting for the salons to reopen - wait no longer, we’ve got you, girl! Our Pamper Your Peach sets include our ever-popular Tame It! Hair Removal Cream.
It delivers salon-fresh results and will have you smooth as a peach in minutes. Our set also comes with our on the go Cranberry Intimate Wipes to put in that new cute handbag you just ordered “for work” and our Micellar Intimate Wash. With sweaty, scorching weather on the horizon, you may be getting hot and sticky more often. When washing down below, it’s better to use pH neutral and friendly products so that you don’t aggravate or imbalance your intimate areas. And hopefully, we don’t have to remind you to be safe and use protection – make it groovy and discreet with our mixed pack of fun condoms and lube.
Clearly, we are over the moon to start easing into a more vibrant and rich life post lockdown. It has been a very uncertain and tough time for everyone, and as much as it has kept us apart, this shared experience will bring us together.
Stay tuned to our Instagram to enter any of our daily giveaways this month!

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