We’re WooWoo. A brand built with you, and your woo in mind. 

We developed WooWoo to be dedicated to the very area that most products neglect, and most importantly, we’re here for you every step of the way throughout womanhood. Whether you’re 18 and looking for some advice on navigating safe sex and exploring female pleasure (which for many of us, was completely left out of sex ed in school), whether you’re a new mum looking for some natural pamper products to soothe and heal or you’re taking on mid-life with the sass of Kristin Scott Thomas in Fleabag, you’ve got a friend in WooWoo.

We encourage women to worship their woowoo, whether this is:

  • Treating your woo with our pamper products
  • Protecting with our sexual health and self-care products
  • Pleasuring with our arousal products
  • Embracing and understanding your woo better overall
  • Feeling open to discussing needs, concerns and desires
  • Celebrating everything that the woowoo represents
The point is, you can worship your woowoo, in any way that resonates with you. Every person is so different - some shave, wax or tame, some do not. Some are comfortable discussing their sexuality openly, some are not. Some say vulva, some say vagina, some say woowoo, some say va-jay-jay - and that’s up to you, too.
Whether you groom, or you let her bloom, whether you’re just starting to explore the world of sexuality, or you’re comfortable where you are, we’re here every step of the way. We regularly post articles, publish blogs, and create content on our social channels to open up conversations about intimate care and pleasure. We’re open, honest, and always up for a chat! We don’t tell women what to do, or who to be - we asked 2,500 UK women what they wanted, and WooWoo was born. We’re dedicated to creating products that our customers want - products that are affordable, and high quality… only the best for your woowoo.
Our products allow women to do what they want, with gentle, environmentally-friendly products, especially developed for intimate use. Many of our products double up too! For instance, our Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm makes a fantastic hand cream as well as to soothe your down-below post shave or play. Our Tame It! Hair Removal Cream is designed for intimate use, but can also be used on your legs so it’s an all ‘rounder. You can use our washes and wipes for your pits ‘n’ your bits - they’re flushable and biodegradable (woohoo!).
So, whether it’s for the beach, the bedroom, or just because, our vegan & cruelty-free products have your back (and your front). Here’s to entering 2021 with high standards for sexual health and self-love - we’ll be bigger and bolder than ever, spreading the word that your woowoo matters too.
Join us and #WorshipYourWooWoo, your way. 
Get involved with the conversation and use the hashtag #WorshipYourWooWoo to show us how you woo! We want to see how your Woowoo love - take a shelfie of your bathroom skincare range, show us your sanctuary for self-care, tell us your favourite product and why! Whether it's a photo, TikTok, or Instagram Reel, you could win £100.



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