Tips to Improve Your Body Confidence


We’re all guilty of not loving ourselves from time to time, but we’re here to remind you, you are amazing! It's no secret that our beauty and body confidence standards are affected by idealistic norms (especially on social media). Your fave fashion bloggers have all the angles, apps and time to make their pictures look, well, perfect - and it can leave us mere mortals feeling *MEH*.

Did you know that low body confidence can take a hit on your pleasure too? We want you all to feel sexy as hell in the bedroom! So, let’s take a dive into what you can do to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, WooWoo style…

Be selective - choose your library! 👋

Say byeeee to the accounts that make you feel rubbish about yourself. Face Tuning has become increasingly popular - using the app to smooth out skin or reshape their bodies. Girls, this sh*t is NOT 👏 HEALTHY! 👏 These girls have wobbly bits, cellulite and stretch marks just like you and I, and that’s more than okay! Don’t let your self-esteem suffer and hit that unfollow button. 

We can make our social media timeline a more positive place by choosing to follow people who make us feel good! Check out these accounts that SCREAM body confidence and self-love:

Take a look in the mirror…

…literally! Have you heard of the term ‘mirror work’? Recently featured on Goop, the topic has had a new-found spotlight! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Set the space - Find a comfortable area (preferably with a full-length mirror) and make sure the space is clean with no clutter. You can even cleanse the area by burning sage or lighting some incense.
  2. Prepare your body - Take a relaxing bath or shower using your fave products. Stuck for choice? We’d recommend our Cranberry Cleanse! Not only is it a pH-balanced body wash, it also acts as a dreamy bubble bath 💭. Light a candle, set the mood with some relaxing music, and get ready for the next step!
  3. Step in front of the mirror - Strip off and notice the beauty of your body. Notice yourself without judgment. What do you like about yourself? Look closely - stretch marks that show strength, toned arms, a cute roll? Once you’re ready, start praising yourself out loud. Compliment all aspects of your body. It is yours forever, and life is too short to not love it to the fullest.
  4. Extend the practice - Work on this repeatedly if you like. Do it as many times as you feel is necessary, even after you feel your confidence thriving, so you can always feel your best self.

We know this can be difficult, so take your time and go at your own pace 💜. But remember that accepting and loving what you see in the mirror is an amazing leap forward to becoming body confident. Have we caught your attention? 👀 Read more about the benefits of mirror work here.

Dress to impress (yourself 😘)

There’s nothing more empowering than dressing up in some spicy lingerie and prancing around your bedroom. Find something that makes you say “hot DAMN” when you look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe even snap some pics for your eyes only 👀. There’s no shame in thinking you look fine as hell. 

These matching sets from Boux Avenue are affordable and drop-dead gorgeous (you’re bound to feel sexy as hell! 😉). If it’s your thing, get your skin dolphin smooth using our Dolphin Smooth Bundle before you slip into something a little more comfortable. Whether you want to get it all off or just ‘tame it’, Dolphin Smooth is there for you to avoid those ingrown hairs and razor rashes with our bestselling Tame It! Hair Removal Cream that’s included in this set!

Get in the nude 😈

Come Curious did a 30 day nude challenge where they took a nude picture every day in order to feel more body confident! All you have to do is snap a pic of yourself in the nude every day for 30 days and see your confidence hit the roof 🙌. Try different angles and poses to really appreciate your body in all its glory!

As we say at WooWoo, you do you! Whether you like to feel groomed and pruned, or you're empowered by letting your hair down, we think you should celebrate your body the way YOU want to! 

If you feel your best self after a pamper session (💅), a layer of tan and a 78 minute soak in the bath - go for it! We have everything from hair removal cream to a nourishing balm, to lube and condoms so you can feel your most empowered self, your way 💜.


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