4 Things You Didn’t Know About STI’s

Every January STIQ Day comes around and it’s a great opportunity to get people thinking about their sexual health. But that’s not all, it’s also a great way to encourage more people to get sexual health checks. Let’s kick things off with a fact… did you know that more than 1 million sexually transmitted infections are acquired every day worldwide? Not that you needed any proof, but this just shows how normal STI’s are and we’re here to open up the conversation about it! 

This year, we wanted to raise awareness by uncovering some surprising facts you may not know about STIs. Want to learn more about this day? You’re in luck because we wrote a whole blog on it - so don’t forget to check that out too! 

So, let’s dive into these need-to-know STI facts….

Where is it? 

This is not just an awkward question in the sheets, sometimes we may be asking where the symptoms are when you’ve been diagnosed with an STI. More often than not, STI’s can have no symptoms at all! Before you start getting down to business, this actually means that they can fly under the radar untreated and cause more problems in the long run. All the more reason to get the STI screening you’ve been putting off!

Don’t stop…

…at your vagina because STI’s don’t just affect your genitals! This makes things a little more difficult to diagnose as you could mistake it for something else. However, if you have unusual symptoms with other areas of your body after unprotected sex, it might be time to check in with a health care professional. Remember usually symptoms appear two weeks after being intimate!

How big…

…is the number of STI’s? Well, there are actually 30 different bacteria, viruses and parasites infections that can be transmitted sexually. Bad news people, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes are not the only one you have to worry about. Don’t believe us? 2 (very hard to spell) words; Molluscum contagiosum. This bad-boy gives you small dimpled spots on your skin. If we can’t say it, we definitely don’t want it. That’s our queue to stock up the bedside table condom collection! 

Oh oh oh…

…no. Reaching your climax the oral way to avoid STI’s? Think again. STI’s aren’t just transmitted through intercourse. Not to dampen the mood, but you can catch STIs by being intimate in any way. Think of this as your reminder to get that sexual screening you may have been putting off. Just saying, it’s recommended that you get down below checked out every 3-6 months if you’re sexually active or more frequently for those who have multiple or anonymous partners. You can even get a test delivered to your door, so there’s no need to delay - it’s super simple. 

Safe is sexy

One of the top ways to reduce the chance of STI’s? You guessed it, use a condom. Before you roll your eyes and shout at us for stating the obvious, this is a condom chat you’re going to want to know about.

For some of us, condoms can be faced with awkward chat, but nothing is worth risking your sexual health and peace of mind. Don't worry boo, we’ve got you! Our plant-based, vegan-friendly condoms take care of you as well as the planet - they’re 100% plant-based.. Condoms can be part of the fun too! Ours are ultra-thin so you can get as close to skin-on-skin without getting risky! As we like to say at WooWoo, #RiskFreeFrisky. We have 3 varieties for your pleasure - want to try them all? Buy a party pack and pick your favourite - who said using condoms can’t be fun. 

So grab a condom and off you go (our party pack even fits in your purse)! Remember, even if he’s saying ‘it’s not as good”’ or ‘trust me, I’m clear’, you are completely entitled to tell him where to shove it - smart is sexy too! Know your worth and remember not to compromise your sexual health for ✨anyone✨.

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