WooWoo’s Guide to Mastering The Belfie


It’s safe to say that in 2020, most people have mastered 
the selfie. But, when trying to take the perfect belfie (essentially a selfie of your peach), just how does one stunt on the gram like the influencers and celebs? As we ponder the question of staycay VS vacay into the summer months, the belfie will be flooding the camera roll of many. Whether you’re being a bikini bottom babe in your back garden, or you’re jetting off to take advantage of the tropical backdrops, there is a belfie for everyone. 

Here are our favorite variations of the beloved belfie.


The lingerie belfie

The queen of lingerie, Rihanna, nails the side angle in this killer belfie, all whilst showing us how to really WERK your lingerie, your chair (a casual belfie prop), and the angle simultaneously: art. Rihanna’s elongated legs make this image feel like it should be hung on a wall in the Louvre. We’re taking notes on this one - legs are a key component of any belfie looking to cause a commotion. Rihanna’s gorgeous leg glow can be recreated using glow spray so that you can shine bright like a diamond!


The bestie belfie

Why have just one peach in your snap? Grab your BFF and make the most of your ASS-ets. To nail the bestie belfie, all you need to do is grab your favourite bikinis (preferably of matching colour palette e.g. nudes/neons/pastels) and utilise your best angles. One of you can look back at it, whilst one of you acts natural. We think the bestie belfie is an essential part of memory-making in summer.


"Yes honey, mummy really did look this hot and unbothered in 2020.”

The cute belfie

Now, contrary to belief, your belfie doesn’t have to be uber-posed (by this, we mean either no facial expression/pouting). If you’re taking a vacay this summer, let your bae know that you’re keeping it cute by smiling at the camera, BUT make your butt the obvious first glance by getting the angle to do the talking. Ex Love Islander, Amber Gill nails the cutie belfie in her recent snap in Ibiza. 


The low-cut belfie

Kim Kardashian, AKA the OG of bum shots shows us how to bring back the low-cut lewk. You could do this with a skirt/shorts/trouser - but the low-cut belfie aims to ooze sex appeal by having your undies casually above the top of your clothing… think 90’s vibes. The low-cut belfie can be done in a variety of poses, but the aim is to make it look as natural as possible, making the eye naturally gravitate towards the peach. “What’s tha…. Oh”.


The matchy-matchy belfie 

Lizzo shows us how to nail the poolside belfie in her latest shot. Not only is she iconically rocking the face mask, she’s showing us how matching your clothing and accessories can bring an intentional look to the belfie. You could match your bikini to your scrunchie/face mask/headwear.

We think Lizzo takes the belfie to new heights, and we’re diggin’ the print too. Tropic like it’s hot!


The know-your-angles belfie

Knowing your angles is an essential part of any selfie, but let’s not forget this crucial consideration of the belfie. Kylie Jenner shows us how to take full advantage of low angles in this hump day shot. This fully-clothed belfie just goes to show that you can make your peach the main element of the shot by gettin’ down low, whatever you’re wearing!


The working-on-the-booty belfie


We all know that good activewear can accentuate your assets, so we couldn’t leave out the working-on-the-booty belfie! Taking a selfie in the gym isn’t uncommon - you’ve just worked out and feel great, so why not take a cute pic? Having one leg up in your belfie can make your peach look even perkier. 


At WooWoo, we’re loving seeing the staycay VS vacay vibes of summer 2020 so far. We’re all for confidence and feelin’ yourself, so keep the belfies coming! 

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