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Period sex. Sex on your period. Putting the D in the V during your time of month... however you want to put it, a bit of blood doesn’t have to halt all bedroom activities (hell no)! If it doesn't float your boat that’s fine, being comfortable comes foremost, but we’re here to tell you the reasons why sex on your period is totally nothing to fear.
First of all, while periods are inconvenient, they are not to be shamed! The mere mention of blood can make some people a little squeamish, but periods are your body's natural way of tellin’ you that everything is working and that you haven’t got a bun in the oven (so unless you’re ready to be a baby momma, it’s a pretty good sign). It's 2020 and there are people out there that think period sex is ‘disgusting’ and ‘gross'. These ideas can be frustrating because they reinforce the narrative that periods are something you should be ashamed of (obviously, you shouldn't!). Suggesting periods are dirty or unclean is basically suggesting there is something wrong with women. Hello?
So here's some WooWoo wisdom for the next time you’re on your period and fancy getting some.

VERY rarely will it be as messy as you are led to believe.
Post-session, it is not going to look like a scene from The Shining! There may be a few splashes, but really, it isn’t going to be a blood-bath. The average period is only around 6 to 8 teaspoons of menstrual blood?! This is for the duration of your period too, not daily, so unless your session is lasting for days, you won’t lose a lot of blood. For heavy periods (over 16 teaspoons) the old towel on the bed trick should be enough to ease your mind. And if you keep a pack of our Intimate Cleansing Wipes near by, a post session wipe down will be easy. 

When he’s worried about you getting your bodily fluids on him.
Oh, what a shame. It's been totally normalised (through porn) for women to be comfortable having men's fluids in, on and around them and not kick up a fuss. Talk about double standards. If you're happy being in contact with his fluids, then he should be cool with your bodily excretions, right?! Alternatively you can use a condom to minimise blood going directly on his penis - all hail the latex. Our super thin Sensitive Feel Condoms will give you as close to that skin on feeling as you can get.


Hornier than usual?
If you tend to get a higher sex drive near the time of your period, you are not alone (admit it, you get HORNY AF). The reason you've been dreaming about your vibrator all day is of course, hormones. A rise in hormones can be why many women report feeling hornier than usual. Your period also stimulates the nerve endings around your vulva, which may mean your brain is interpreting it as if someone (or something) were actually touching you down there. Why not take advantage of your increased sex drive and get your actual freak on?! 

Period pain relief?
Say hello to your good friend, the orgasm. Why would you want to skip some natural pain relief? Yep, sex can help ease period cramps due to the hormones released. GOODBYE PARACETOMOL, HELLO ORGASM! (A funner prospect, let’s be honest). If you want it, don’t let a bit of blood stop you! 

Period sex isn't a rarity.
People do it. People enjoy it. People just aren’t openly talking about it.

Natural lube? We’re in.
Save the spenny lubricant for another day honey.
Female pleasure matters, yes, EVEN ON YOUR PERIOD!
Does your partner think that you being on your period gives them a one way ticket to a week of blowjobs?! Hell naaaaah, think again mate!. Bring some big clit energy to the bedroom and let him know you’d still like business as usual. 
Perhaps your partner just doesn’t know what you want? Communication is key. So, let your partner know that a period doesn’t make you sexually inactive, and that you still want some fun too! If we all embraced our sex drives, maybe one day we’d all shout “hallelujah cycle, give me some horns!”. Okay, maybe not externally, but internally. It would be a huge change compared to the shame many women still feel around their time of the month. Whether you’re aware (pre-session), or you realise (mid-session), it really is nothing to be embarrassed of. 
You could say period sex is like chocolate: if you want it, you get it girl! Equally, if you’re 100% sure it is not for you, and you’d rather wait a few days (as horny as you may be) to avoid a potentially messy situation - that is fine too!
It really is just personal preference, and how comfortable you feel with your partner to approach the sitch. Shout out to the guys who let you know that it’s totes okay, and carry on, business as usual…the real OG’s. 

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