Georgia Harrison tests the viral TikTok trend: Lube as primer?!

Have you seen the viral TikTok trend… lube as primer? Well, if not, maybe you’ve been hiding under a rock (or maybe you’re just not on TikTok yet?!). Either way, the trend sees TickTockers using our favourite bedroom essential, lubricant as a make-up primer claiming that it helps foundation to glide on. 💦👀 Our brand ambassador, Georgia Harrison puts it to the test using our  Arousal Boosting Lube, which costs just £6.99! Watch the video and see Georgia ✨glow✨.

The trend started when make-up artist and TikToker Luke Ketohok used it in one of his make-up tutorials. Now #lubeprimer has racked up 10.5M views - that equals a whole load of Lube being used on faces. "Why Lube", we hear you ask?! Primer and Lube have similar ingredients which can give skin that dewy glow we’ve all learned to love!
Ours WooWoo Lube is vegan-friendly, water-based and made with gentle ingredients that keep you feeling well moisturised, wherever you may use it...

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