The Mail Online: New British Brand WooWoo

A British brand is aiming to break beauty taboos with a range of intimate products, including a £9.95 tightening cream which goes on sale in September. 
Woo Woo is the first brand in the UK to offer a lightening cream and tightening gel, as well as 'Saddle Sore Soothing Balm' for use after spinning classes or a painful waxing session. 
Created in the UK by a female team, the brand aims to encourage women not to be afraid of adding 'intimate pampering' to their existing beauty regime and to 'value their vaginas'.
The £9.95 Lift and Tighten gel contains Siberian ginseng and aloe vera and claims to give the Labia Majora a 'smaller, tighter appearance' 

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