Sensitive Feel Condoms And Lube Deal

Sensitive Feel Condoms And Lube Deal

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For when you wanna get risk free frisky, stock up on our bargain Condom and Lube Combo that features our Sensitive Feel Condoms and water-based Slide It! Lube for just £12!

Condoms protect you from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. It’s a no brainer!

Our extra-thin natural rubber latex condoms give a skin-to-skin experience whilst still staying safe. 

Use our Slide It! Lube for the ideal safe is sexy duo. This silky, water-based formula, will keep things sliding and stimulate your senses! 

Usage: Smooth this non-sterile, non-irritating & greaseless lube wherever you like - on your skin, or to the outside of the condom... the wetter the better! 

*See individual product pages for full usage and ingredients info*