The Ten WooWoo Commandments


Spring is here, change is coming and nothing would make us happier this year than seeing more value being placed on vaginas. Value from the media, value from men but most importantly, value from you! We’re all about being the change we want to see so we’re kicking off Spring with a self-love manual for you to always be able to refer back to when in doubt. A guidebook on taking full ownership of your vagina in terms of how you treat, regard and respect it.

We need to talk about vaginas, learn about them, pamper them and love them. We’re joining the ever growing number of voices in the conversation about positive female sexuality, starting with how we keep ourselves happy and healthy down below. Your lady-bits are precious and should be treated as such, they are amazing, unique and go through a lot in this life!

So without further ado we present our Ten WooWoo Commandments to help you know your worth and respect your vagina this year (and for many years to come).


01_Thou shalt worship it

Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Talk about her with respect and grace, why not even name her! Listen to your body and trust your instincts. Grab a mirror - notice the changes of your vulva through self-examinations. Pay attention to any new moles, scars, or changes. Check your undies everyday, unusual discharge is the first sign something’s not right.


02_Thou shalt cleanse it

Wash it, wipe it, soak it but make sure you maintain that pH balance.

There’s a few things you can do to keep your vulva (all the external genitalia) squeaky clean and fresh with your daily shower and gentle products (see our micellar wash), but leave your internal vagina alone. Douching is a massive no-no, she self cleans! It’s pretty amazing actually. The natural balance inside you is there to fight off bad bacterias.


03_Thou shalt pamper it

Whether that’s by steaming it, getting a vajazzle or investing in breathable cotton underwear, do you.

Insist on only the best care for down there, she’s a delicate yet demanding part of you, so do everything you can to keep her happy. Eat the foods your woo woo loves (consuming fruits, veggies, whole grains, and Greek yogurt can help promote vaginal health) and let her breathe from time to time.


04_Thou shalt protect it

Use condoms. Get regularly tested. Visit the gyno. And for god’s sake do your smear tests.

It’s your choice to make these important decisions that affect your health long-term. Doctor and hospital visits can be intimidating but a few moments of discomfort are ultimately worth the long term benefits.


05_Thou shalt enjoy it

Give yourself a hand every now and then, you deserve it.

Or get someone else to give you a hand. Experiment with new techniques, get to know what turns you on and invest in some toys. Make sure you lube her up - this is so important to reduce friction.


06_Thou shalt come first

Good things take time, be patient. We need to eliminate the orgasm gap.

Take your time with foreplay. Don’t feel pressure just because you might be taking a little longer. Good sex doesn’t always have to end in the big ‘O’! The heart of this issue is prioritising male pleasure and ego over our own fulfilment. Stop worrying about him and enjoy the ride.


07_Thou shalt not fake it

If you’re not feeling it but you’re making noises, make sure those noises are feedback. 

Get vocal between the sheets and be unapologetic about communicating what you want. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Encourage him when he’s doing it right. Give your partner the tools to get you off properly by being honest about what you like by keeping the lines of communication open.


08_Thou shalt not judge

Some people’s body count will be higher, some lower – that’s fine.

Slut shaming ain’t a good look and it’s up to each and every individual what they do with their woo woo. Celebrate the strong women in your life who know what they want and how they want it!


09_Thou shalt own it

Don’t do anything that causes it discomfort.

It’s your choice who you share it with, when you share it and how you share it, no one else’s. Think about your decisions and make sure they make you feel happy, comfortable and healthy.


10_Thou shalt be kind to it

Our hormones will undeniably fuck us up regularly, it’s normal.

Get to know your cycles and find a healthy coping mechanism. Do not let PMS own you, give yourself a little extra pampering at your time of the month. A full day of self care and self love when you’re feeling icky will boost your self worth!


PREACH IT. Every day is V-Day!