WooWoo is a new vaginal health, beauty and pleasure brand

WooWoo is a new range of products designed to give women body confidence inside and out. Think feminine hygiene without the ick, the taboo or raised eyebrow. We’re less ‘fem care’ and more femme fatale. We are offering a fun range of beauty products for you to pamper, preen and protect your vaginas (yes, we use the v word!).



We have a beauty regime for every part of our bodies but not enough of us “care down there” where the good stuff happens. It’s time for us to pamper our pums, cherish our chachas and worship our woowoos.

WooWoo believes we should not only value our vaginas but we should celebrate, pamper and preen them too. Our products aim to instil a sense of pride and value in vaginas to ensure that women are approaching sex with higher standards for health and hygiene.



We’re a team of women who don’t beat around the bush. We believe that sex is best when it’s consensual, healthy and imaginative. We firmly believe that no means no but yes should mean OH YES! Our mission is for women to have lots of these. We’re giving the finger to the female sexuality taboo and creating a world where we can proudly love, groom and talk about every inch of our bodies.

We’re here to start conversations that will help woman feel more comfortable talking about their sexual health, less worried about their sexual history and more focussed on enhancing their sexual pleasure.